Aries-monthly horoscope for August 2020

JOB: Rams definitely the best start possible. While the beginning of the month the influence of Jupiter and Pluto will be in a more difficult aspect, it certainly could mean encouragement. Your ruler, Mars and the Sun are in Leo in strong aspect so you can expect a lot of energy to invest in new business. As the planet Mercury turns retrograde in the constellation Virgo, that means you have to finish the job that you have not completed earlier. You will have associates that need to control, often because they are quite unstable.

LOVE: Thinking about the trip. Nothing will so much closer as a common holiday. Vote shared holidays, vacations, and give you passion thus enhances feelings. Rams who are free can expect in the second half of the encounter with a person from the immediate surroundings. For some it will be a summer adventure-section of life. Many will enter from adventures in the right relationship. It is important that you have the patience that you always miss the level of togetherness.

HEALTH: Due to excessive desire, you grow nervous, especially when you are not able to do what we are asking of you. Pay attention to the thoughts that you cultivate, because they can be fatal or otherwise, a boon to your health.