Aries-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


The upcoming period will be a particularly good sign for all members who do not have permanent employment. Mars, the ruler of your sign, which is now in Scorpio, a real good aspects to Jupiter and brings many opportunities, especially for foreign transactions. These good aspects enhancing effect after August 2, when Mars moves into Sagittarius and forms a trine with the new moon in Leo which is generally favorable to the fiery signs. Choose permanent jobs, even if they are paid less than seasonal. Ruler of your career field, Saturn, because of its retrograde means arrangements that tend to be short-lived and require extra effort to recognize the long-term business arrangements. In the same period because of bad aspects of Mercury, the planet which means the contracts and negotiations, be careful when signing documents. Special caution is recommended for those who make deals with foreign countries, or traveling across the border.


Venus in Leo, in the field of love and every other real partnership preferred aspect with Saturn, and after August 2 and Mars, which promises a number of events related to the field of emotions. This aspect will have a very favorable impact on the free members sign as well as those who are at the beginning of a relationship that could grow into a serious relationship. As for the occupied members sign except that improves the quality of the relationship, this arrangement planet points to the occasional temptation, especially in those natal horoscope indicates such a possibility, it is necessary to strengthen self-control as a marriage or a relationship that has been going on would not challenged Question. On 5 August, the transition of Venus in the sign of Virgo, things are calm, even those who like to flirt with little chance to seriously jeopardize their existing status.


Health is solid, but you should take care of your diet and possible stomach problems. Pay special attention to the liver, gallbladder, pancreas.