Aries-monthly horoscope for May 2021st


Rams free the Sun, who is the ruler of their field of love, Venus, queen of hearts, to transit through a field of work, money and personal values ​​in the first two decades of the month, and the third will move into the field of the environment, short trips, neighborhood. These are segments in which you will be able to find some interesting people and interesting new emotional motivation. In particular, I would just underlined that relations will go through work, because in this period, and are supported by Jupiter from Virgo and your field of business and the circumstances of everyday life. So for many it will function variants – some of my colleagues will start to watch a little different eyes, more will be attracted communication with this person and this opens the way for some of the stronger events. Because Mercury retrograde do not expect the story unfold quickly, and I do not recommend you to rush – rush you many times already encased in a relationship that ended before it began. Couples will during this month have harmonious relationships, because you and you and your partner more time to devote ties and try to tune in to each other. Though communication will occasionally be a weak point, and in particular I would like to draw your attention to the third decade of the month, that for your relationship can be a bit turbulent. During this period it is better to remain silent than to engage in discussion.


Your field of work and money is enriched with stellium planet for most of this month and it is certain that you will be able to largely stabilize the business segment. Remember that your ruler all the time goes retrograde stroke and it is better to focus on ordinary, everyday tasks and maintain existing cooperation, rather than trying to start something new. This is a period of improvement in the working environment and promotion of partnerships rather than seeking new ways of earning. Ruler fields of communication, Mercury, all the time will be as retrograde, as in his shadow, but can occasionally be problems in the agreements, but also in the prolongation of certain meetings or difficulty with essential documentation. In the third decade of the entry of the Sun and Venus in the field of communication and movement for the unemployed is the time to throw in the active search for jobs. For those who work to the period of review cooperation and tension.


Jupiter in your field of Health will start a direct stroke at the end of the first decade of May. In front of you is the time when you need to change habits, especially diet control, and focus on some of the health problems for a long time “towing”. Active are chronic diseases, especially in the elderly population.