Aries-monthly horoscope for November 2020.

JOB: Money is important to you, and especially you can get lucky on 3 November, when a real nice aspect with Saturn, and find some old debts to pay and you will certainly open up the opportunity to earn some finer, lighter, more creative way. These aspects certainly is important to take advantage of all the members of this constellation, because you will have a hard-working month with a lot of energy consumption, meetings in companies with superiors or, if you own, with workers, which certainly will not be easy. The second half of the month about the good aspects of Jupiter and it is certain that you will do a good job with the shooters, Aquarius or Taurus. They are shown here as a necessary advisers. You name it, you have a great voice, but you have to be careful when negotiating: it does not start to shout too much so as not to frighten associates. Rams looking for work will have to be okrenenu a friend of the sign of Scorpio, which can help them or temporarily hire.

LOVE: The ruler of the sign Aries is Mars, and he is currently in Libra – love and marriage, but are certain to fall in love, especially for the young members of this sign. Rams middle-aged man looking for love can be found at a conference, meeting or wedding, the celebration of a friend. If you are married, then expect more attention and love of a partner, you may get a present.

HEALTH: You need to pay attention to hormones, bladder, kidneys. You can suffer from urinary infection so be sure to consult a natural teas cranberry and chokeberry, uvin even, which is an excellent detox, but most pay attention to the heat in the room where you work or sleep.