Aries-monthly horoscope for November 2021.


Ruler of Your Love Field is located at the beginning of the month in Scorpio, which speaks of passion, intensity, emotional origins of which can be painted in a single dose fatality, even obsession. In the second part of the month becomes the actual sign of Sagittarius, which is free to bring a person through the journey, someone who lives far away from you or you love to travel encounters. Because if your ruler to transit through the sign of Aquarius and field friends, social networks – and this is where you can look up in November his “soul mate”. Now, I should mention das these aspects are not suggesting that relations started during this period will be particularly durable, but it is definitely certain that it will bring you good mood and enjoyment. The first decade of the month the Rams their primary relationships rather good and this will in fact be the most peaceful part of the month and for the two of you. This initial stability will soon be “scattered” emotional partner attempts to establish dominance and control in the relationship. The last decade of November will be marked by the partner’s outbursts of jealousy and possessiveness large you will manifest to you. Something better will work situation marriages, mostly because of the need that the two of you sort out the material segment, so you will have to join forces to get down to business and restore its finances.


This month provides a great opportunity for those who are unemployed. The first decade is the somewhat “tight”, which means you’ll probably vain attempt to find something for themselves, or they themselves will not be in the mood to specifically activate on this issue. However, the second and especially the third decade of great options open to you, some of you will own initiative run business segment, while others are looking for a job to help friends or services by any person. Overall – Venus in transit through your career field will bring a chance to stabilize the situation and move forward, but reckon that in this period the most favored team work, and you will have to learn to adapt to those you work with on a daily basis. Financial standing quite well, but not so this time make to close a debt, obligation or credit. The second part of the month is unfavorable for large investments.


Health segment is excellent in November. The thing to be able to pay more attention to the diet, while older population should still take into account the condition of the spine. If you play sport, there is a possibility to injure the tendons or joints.