Aries-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: Your ruler Venus as other fields of money, will provide significant positive changes in this field. This is the month when you shine and feel the support that you are on the right track. In the days around the tenth of October arrives injection of confidence, the reward for the effort and work of Sagittarius Saturn will reward all of you who were persistent and disciplined to get to your destination. It is certain that you will start to earn much more than in previous months.

LOVE: Venus, planet of love, the moment it enters the sign of Libra, get in your seventh house of marriage, relationships and the law, and you will have a reason to rejoice. Some of you get married, while some enter the link that will open them up and return to the right path of love that had so long been waiting for. Exactly the second half of the month, from 14 October – will have the opportunity to stabilize emotionally.

HEALTH: Mars, your ruler, and he is in Virgo, the sign or health and your field of health. Beware of anything that bears Mars, injuries, falls but most pay attention to the spine and bones.