Arranging the apartment and the stars ….. There are some general rules regarding the design house …..

There are some general rules regarding decorating the apartment to make it brighter, more spacious, warm to better energy flowed. But how to arrange an apartment if you have take into account the zodiac sign of the person who lives in it?


Rams are known to possess enormous energy. Should, stubborn, brave, frank, opinionated, always happy, smiling and optimistic.

As Aries represents the beginning of the zodiac, so are in an apartment or house in which you live is very important front door. It should be neat and beautiful mat is always clean, always hidden and footwear, as well as the coat hanger with jackets and coats. Lite should not be left next to the entrance, but for him to find a new place.


Patient, stubborn, peace-loving, sensual, persevering and persistent. They like safety and therefore their family atmosphere at home is very important.

They are a gourmand, but most of his time like to spend in the kitchen. The kitchen should be positioned so that the dispute can not be next to the refrigerator or the sink. A stove, which symbolizes the fire and the sink and the refrigerator which symbols are the water, it is best to put a wooden plate and thus bring a balance between these disparate elements. Particular attention should be paid to the more natural light and avoid fluorescent lamps.


Known as vetropir zodiac, Gemini are witty and curious people.

Because love change their living space should always be supplemented with some new details and interesting tidbits so that these restless people feel like they are always somewhere else. Since they themselves are busy and disorganized, they recommended the dominance of blue.


Crabs are hypersensitive because of its sensitivity ready to react to the slightest detail. They tend to frequent changes of mood and are most sensitive when there is any problem in their home and disharmonious relationships within the immediate family members.


Confident Lions just love to be the center of attention. The sun makes them generous and dominant.

Since this is the crown, it is natural to want to live, and in such an environment, with lots of light and surrounded by precious, precious things in order to feel the throne.


The first thing you think of when the Virgin comes to the organization and meticulousness. Nice and behave like people who behave like this. They have an opinion on everything and does not hesitate to say it publicly.

It should pay particular attention to the mood during the meal, because if the mood illi nervous, Capricorn will certainly have a problem with digestion. To improve mood while eating, dining room where eating lunch should be arranged in accordance with feng shui technique. Dining table should be round. On the table should also stand vases with flowers or bowls of fruit symbolizing abundance.


Apply for people with style, have exquisite taste and love of luxury items. Of crucial importance is to live in beautiful and peaceful surroundings in the company of loved ones.

Since the living room where receive their many friends, it must be equipped with taste and style. Beds and sofas should be to move away from the walls of at least ten centimeters in the form of a circle or ellipse with a small table in the middle. Also, pieces of furniture used for seating should not be facing so that when you sit back you’re facing window. Plants should fill the empty corners of a room illuminated chandeliers and lamps.


The main driving power of this sign is psychosexual, and is in this respect necessary to properly install the bedroom.

In addition to the bed and a chest of drawers on either side of the bed and lamps, in this room should not be located anything. The bed should not be located under the window. Negative and hold the mirror in the bedroom, because it disrupts sleep and needed a break.


Sagittarius is a fun, carefree, cheerful character who is not a slave to any restrictions. She enjoys the freedom and wants to take advantage of everything life has to offer. Loves to travel, far country, and exoticism.

The home in which this character feels good and pleasant it is one that is full of entertainment with a variety of travel, postcard, globe, souvenirs from distant lands, as well as books about ancient cultures. Under these certainly include the figures of various animals, and the most interesting is certainly the elephant.


Since his job is a priority, it is important that the office space to be supportive. Behind the desk, you can set the turtle with the head of a dragon, a symbol of success, power and prosperity. If Zell to start a new job, make sure you need to purchase this amulet, because it implies support and assistance since the dragon is one of the most ancient symbols, a turtle is strong and stable.


As well as their nature dictates, and a home in which they live must be at least unusual, yet pleasant to Aquarius and her many friends.

Surround yourself with beautiful and pleasant colors, all depending on what they want to achieve – white symbolizes purity, red, pink and orange fire, but with them should not be exaggerated because they can no strife between you and your loved ones. These bright colors can be replaced with bright green, blue or another bright shade.


Fish belonging to the group najspiritualnijih characters, and characterized by self-sacrifice, compassion, great creativity and inexhaustible inspiration. Since they are very imaginative, with a little effort can edit their home so that it resembles a small work of art.

This is only possible if direct their senzivitnost the right way and time is so very useful. Due to the highly sensitive and susceptible to negative influences, it is recommended they medallion with the motif of a turtle, which can be worn around the neck, and around the foot of the article. This amulet guaranteed safety and a harmonious life of those who wear them as protection, especially when it comes to their health.