As each zodiac sign behaves when you finally conquer? What do the stars tell us ?!


ON – When he stepped from words to deeds, you are already “boiled and fried crisp.” While you turned around, he was already in your every thought, every moment, day and month. If the number of months even reached double figures, consider that you maintain Aries, because if not, he was already in a new conquest, because it is only interesting – the unconquerable. As long as he escapes and mysterious smiles, curious Gemini will run after you.

ONA – She will not waste time with you, if you realize that you are not her “caliber”. But, if so, prepare to be at her disposal at all times of day and night, because “Ovnica ‘minds all to design, from breakfast in bed to a romantic weekend at sea. But at the same time does not want to wait a minute, because it does not occur to them to waste time with you, if you’re not manly, resolute, gallant and charming. Well, now you can see …


ON – If all men were like bulls, women would not have problems in love. As long as you had won, you will not be so easy to leave once you become his. And only his! Better not not even consider short-term solutions in the form of flirting with someone else, if you currently annoyed his stubbornness: you will be confronted with an outburst of anger flat volcanic eruption, if he cares about you.

ONA – When you realize that you are the man of her life, will use all the aces femininity at its disposal, so that you retain: a seductive look, unequaled culinary skills and the lady’s behavior which make her the envy of all the representatives of the other zodiac signs. Sex appeal, love of life and a view that rivals makes it clear that you are only “her and God,” most men retain a long time or forever next to a woman of Taurus.


ON – He knows you won, he did this was not a problem when the male twins clearly that in every society, the funniest, most charming and most resourceful. But what remains when he has to hang out, inform, traveling, flirting and – run. If you have enough trust and understanding for him, the need for constant improvement in all areas, you’ll remove the stars from the sky. More than that, propose to you via your mobile phone!

ONA – When he got his toy, trophy, whatever you called it in your imagination (as long as you did not win), the wife of Gemini will continue to play, but with you. There’s no way to tell by her being bored, not in a single moment: you will have a personal cook (fast food at all times of day and night), a personal driver (to any point on the globe) and the eternal girl next to me, on whose will youthful appearance modeling or most of jealous envy of the male world.


ON – As much as he was determined to seduce and win, so if a man Cancer obstinate and to keep you. And after countless breakup, reconciliation and promise that you will start all over again, he would continue on their own: dissatisfied with the status will change jobs, to fight with the bosses and to upset you as such stubborn. So until it is secure you and your family the way he imagined in a large house with pets in the yard in which to play your children, and neighbors coming by for coffee. I “chit-chat”.

ONA – days, months and years, it will be ready to keep you watching, stalking, meets, seduces and conquers. When that is finally successful, will make sure that you never refuse a tasty lunch, going to the pub with friends and – yourself in a warm bed. Pustać you live in delusion how you can do what you want, with whom you want and whenever you can think of, but once you relax too much, it will tell the children. Or your mom, sister, aunt or God forbid grandmother … and then you will not wash any more.


ON – Nothing is impregnable to this gallant charmer who will spend the entire salary rose to 101 only for you (plus champagne, chocolates and perfume which reliably know that your favorite). Since you do not resist, he will in society still treated like a queen, while at home you expect to adjust it. The sooner you realize this, the easier it will be to share your life with a man Leo who will be ready to the middle of the night, sit in the car, train or plane, to like a real knight come after you.

ONA – If you live under the delusion that you have mastered it, then it is better to become aware of the weather: You’ve been her goal, the desire and need not be calmed until he had won his victory – that you have. And when you once gain, wife lioness will do everything that you hold: it will become dependent on you (and you are happy that she find yourself wherever you are it needs), and you (still happy) to have to listen to her wishes, desires and commands to you from her mouth sound so compelling and so unconditionally.


ON – As you all impressed with their expertise in most areas of science and everyday life, man Virgo will be selected for the right moment to go into action. And just when you thought that you chose, it will because of shyness or practicality – change tactics. Not the greatest moments of rapture, he will not endure that you witness or whispers in your ear all that even in a dream dreamed you hear from him, so that you will little by little start to encourage. And it does not even need!

ONA – All her restraint and shyness, felling of views and expressions which radiates purity, become less important attributes when you realize that you have become her man. Next to it you will have everything you need, from the most erotic lover to most self nurses, or you too will have to follow its rules: you’ll listen to it whenever you feel the need to have your izjada, SUPPLIERS house store six months in advance and – delete bathroom after every shower .


ON – It is easy to him while you were courted, kissed his hand, flirting, wearing flowers and chocolates and paid to your favorite perfume. And all this with the sounds of Mediterranean evergreens in the romantic ambiance of a restaurant. Only when both could last a lifetime with you, he would be the happiest man in the world, because when you already comes to sex, the man Libra slowly losing interest (that is tedious and predictable compared at times still a new luster in your eyes when you treated as present). Therefore, he will try to bar the trips or excursions, even for a moment, revive the feeling when you first courted.

ONA – Can not stand that neglect is not a moment when you have already put their heart on the palm. Connection with it is very easy to maintain, no matter how spoiled Libra demanding work: share her compliments whenever there from hairdressers or manicurists, daily recite two magic words “I love you” (also via SMS, especially if you’re out on the road ) and women Libra will eat out of hand. But if you feel that “you look through it,” your mind drifting, will soon seek solace – with another man.


ON – Even if you try to enter him in a rut when you won one, you will not succeed. Losses time, nerve and confidence, thinking where you are hiding the eternal seducer, while you are a Scorpio man mysteriously sneak up from behind and sweep you off your feet with one touch. I view. Never allow not to get too far in your “investigation” of his whereabouts, because you will already be in his safe embrace which usually will not be able to resist.

ONA – All or nothing, her motto in life for everything, especially in love. If you chose to be her man, then it must be taken seriously because you have no choice. The woman Scorpio’ll ask you the highest possible standards, so you will a race for profit and her bed, to destroy the strings and find a Škorpijinoj network. And it is just that and waited: always with her or never. But if your wife wants to Scorpio, is ready and bounty, just to stay with her.


ON – What a difference between what a casual seducers, who so charmed by his smile at the first meeting and the hypocrites who closely follows the story of what neighborhood you (as long as he continues to prove his ability on conquering all the younger female partners). But if you have already chosen a man of Sagittarius, then be willing to trust only his eyes and ears, not his. He will indeed try to give you absolutely nothing missing, except for him, and very often, and neighbors will be able only envy.

ONA – As a direct while you seduced and won, the wife of Taurus is very open in their appetites, desires and needs of every day life together with you. Because you selected as the line type of man that will be dedicated to it (regardless of whether it’s your favorite dish or wish to visit Disneyland), Sagittarius wife will not allow it to be dissatisfied. If you feel that there is a problem, we’ll talk frankly with you with the same fervor, whether it’s about your sex life, responsibilities towards children or taking care of your health.


ON – E, with him you will be more surprised, no matter how you rolled and shyly looked the practical, taciturn man but you gave your heart. As your friends and you will run everywhere, wherever he goes, whether you like it or not. In fact, there will not be a reason for your dissatisfaction, because the man Capricorn will never let you beside him harm a hair on her head: to guard you, take care and pamper to the extent that you each time more and more want to once and tuck in his firm embrace.

ONA – Who wants, she gets: when you become her choice, usually for a long time or for life, it will not be easy to satisfy all appetites woman Capricorn. If at the same time you can be imaginative lover, devoted father, a good host and, above all, the eternal driving force in all of its ambitious plans – then you pass the exam in a woman Capricorn. In return, she will not endure to you praise, and in time to be proud of you in her measured way, with admiration that will not know how to hide.


ON – Him all succeed from the moment you won because Aquarius man knows how to keep a woman to whom he cares. He just needs a little time to assess which tactics to apply to you, because it is an unparalleled manipulator. Just when you decided to get angry at him, he will disarm the call to leave on a trip to the Greek island of your dreams, the new car is perfect for you or making love to a totally “Wild” place. While casually hides his possessiveness and jealousy, you will never be put in an embarrassing situation, even if you suspect you.

ONA – There’s nothing I will not do to keep you, when you once won: will look still attractive in its “firmiranoj ‘locker room, will become the best friend a girl you were trying to be hitting on her eyes, prepričavaće events with your common journey in which she will be the star, while you enjoy the admiration her story and smell the latest perfume that you bought her more. The fact that none of it will not be able to get a word in, because smarter than her and no, you will not mind, as long as you have enough strong nerves and fat enough wallet.


ON – As long as (un) skilful that you deceived and eventually won, you will not fail to be so easy to slip out once you get into the network man Pisces. Though his nerves are not your strong suit, he would at home with you, to be the most patient and najuslužniji man in the world: the breakfast will bring you to bed (with a rose between his teeth), coffee, cook and serve on the terrace while you casually chatting with the guests and you you will be convinced that he is only yours. As long as you do not leave the house … and then, four eyes open!

ONA – All skills of seduction, conquest and retention of a man to whom she cared for the woman fish are almost innate. According to her, in love, everything is allowed, and it therefore will not shrink from any ways, methods or tactics to help you conserve: eroticism emanates from it even when you are chopping vegetables to your favorite salad, and her look promising imaginative enjoyment with you, as soon as it gets dark … and when you rule the night, and it will dominate you. And all your senses.