As the zodiac sign of cheating? What does it say astrology ?!


RAM ON – When he cheats, to quickly learn all of its immediate environment, as Aquarius likes to brag about his success with the opposite sex. He already knows that masculine and assertive, a brash and intrusive station when it needs more time to convince you how – overwhelming. If partner doubt his loyalty, the Lawyer as any he had no intention of winning, but it was – the other way around. When you fall in love, hasty break even long-term relationship, because there is no patience to not think about their actions, not their consequences.

RAM ONA – She kneels down easily when “installed situation” in the company of a charming and witty man who will Ovnica later described as the main “culprit” for everything that happened between them. If you suspect your partner’s fidelity, he will rush to retaliate, but then she can easily happen to fall into the trap of its own fraud and – fall in love. However, curiosity and restless spirit can once again dragged into the arms of a former partner with whom to try to inflame old passion, but also to trick current partners.


BIK ON – Although considered one of the greatest lover of the Zodiac, Taurus is surprisingly quite faithful, because they do not like to change their habits, or to jeopardize their emotional peace. However, the desire to enjoy everything that is beautiful, leads him into situations where he can not resist, but will make sure that you would never find out. Taurus men will in a forbidden relationship (as indeed in all) to prepare the ground well, leaving no room for doubt, because it will not under any circumstances compromise the long-term partner or family.

BIK ONA – It is unlikely that she would want to fool you if you tell her in all the inconvenience which means emotional, erotic and – financially. If you do not fill in all her expectations, Taurus woman will patiently wait for that to happen, because you chose it to be and her – only her man. Even if you find out that you did not, you forgive the deception, if she or the family, at no time were threatened. If you feel that you run the other way, will fight tooth and nail to get you back where you belong – beside her. If a woman decides to Taurus to another, means that you are who you are for it has always been the first and only – really disappointing.


TWINS ON – Although it is thought that the men were twins unsurpassed womanizing, often the situation is reversed: their insatiable desire to communicate with kindred spirit, they can be dragged into someone else’s bed, though it was not their original intention. Fortunately, the twins do not plan to fraud, but not even the Holy partner, if you doubt her loyalty. Gemini men, adultery just happens, and how come so i went, because they will not allow any other party to suffer. If you do find out, will persuade it not to be believed that neither evil tongues, but even with his own eyes, but only to him.

TWINS SHE – The situation is similar with women twins who will be happy to swear allegiance (to him), but that promise little more difficult to fulfill (for work), because there are so many interesting people that she meets every day and so many situations that they represent as a challenge – unread book. Problems can occur when there is more than one such “book” at the same time, because then women may confuse Twin messages on your mobile, telephone numbers and people to whom they are related. Well, then, like a cat land on all four legs!


RAK ON – If we do enough of cuddling at home and save him his favorite meal, not missing the opportunity to emphasize how marriages fall apart at the present time into bubbles, male cancer, you will be loyal. It can still happen that “falls” to someone who needs more tenderness, care and protection than he or someone he complained that there is such a big problem that only a man Cancer can their persistence to solve, and his sensitive soul – to recognize . However, as a faithful house, a man Cancer, always returns home.

RAK She – she’s so busy looking into someone else’s yard and commenting on other people’s relationships and marriages that will not immediately take seriously anyone courtship, seduction or attempted conquest because women Račice armor is almost impenetrable. Can it possibly intrigue someone will take advantage, in order to avenge her partner who was cheated or it may be that for a while, “stumbled,” if we do not get enough attention from their partner at home. Thus, due to the innate need for poking your nose into other people’s (not his) problems, women Račica act so – immaculate.


LAV ON -Him agreeable to such a degree of attention and applause of others that it is difficult to resist the “wilderness called” a man who Lav very easy to recognize in women’s eyes. Before his vanity and the need to impress your wife’s cavalier behavior, so that he even considers them a favor by allowing them to keep in touch with him. Because Leo is nice, but regardless of the number of female fans, he can put an end, as soon as he realizes that he is the prey rather than the hunter. He can not stand trivial, not masculine women and rarely descend to the criteria below its level. Otrpeće gossip, because he cares about family and partners, although he has been unfaithful.

LAV ONA – Because great minds can organize themselves and other women lioness will be sufficiently given to the partner, so that he does not suspect that her interested in someone else. But since lioness never enough Mazen, cared for and admired, she will risk that is seen with a man who is fascinated enough and that her impressive enough, but usually remains faithful, for pride. If you deceive her, is not likely to forgive you, if everyone around her has already learned: leave you because lioness generally have neither the desire nor the need for revenge.


VIRGO ON – Although generally held to fidelity to their and their mate, a man Virgo comes into a situation, particularly in the later years, when all around him by surprise: his wife, respect, or someone else posing as trophies, mostly because if you friends after the clap shoulder, secretly envying him. Just because none of it is not expected, he will want to show how it is possible that he is a seducer. The long and the gentleman hiding in a secret relationship which usually engages with a colleague at work, though difficult environment observes that between them have something.

VIRGO ONA – And when she happens to want the forbidden fruit (and going to her more often than you might suppose), Virgo woman you this is not for the life of me not to admit it. Only if it is sure to be well hidden from the public eye and that her good name and position are not questioned, the woman Virgo will not resist the temptation. But not with anyone, nor at any time, but a person of status and persistence are strong enough for its aphrodisiac “popping the rails”, although she will not care about what he will think about it after. If she cheated, forgiving because it does not want to upset and loses the status of the relationship.


WEIGH ON – It will easily be sitting on two chairs, if you feel that admiration of the woman he was charmed at his nonchalant, slightly boyish way. Even better if there are more, because to him, his wife or girlfriend will not be so easy to trace. And since it is known as one of the great charmer opposite sex difficult to resist, man Libra will manage and diplomatically out of unpleasant situations, because its irresistible way he can extort forgiveness from the one in which he messed up. He impresses women who know what they want, although this is no guarantee that they will remain faithful. If he cheated party, forgiving, and even does not want to hear the truth, because it easier to submit a nice packaged lie.

WEIGHT SHE – She has a weakness for compliments, flattery, adoration that seen in men’s eyes, declarations of love and similar traits that an experienced seducer handled just like that, but it seems that the Vagica fall before him like grain. But once remarked that her suitor too close, not letting her “leeway,” the woman Libra will start slipping away, having an average conqueror to act as if it is “hard market” will only heat up even more. When neglected, and appears one such, more persistent than attractive seducer, women Vaga he will turn, and then look at how to wriggle (pretending as if nothing had happened), because it does not want to talk.


SCORPIO ON – Although a reputation among the greatest seducers, he rarely cheats for fun, but a woman must always intrigued by his behavior, attitude, behavior and natural appearance, but could rather say sex appeal that has or does not have. If not, she is not worth anything, all i was dying to be with him, because a man does not strike Scorpio perforations, for no reason. And most importantly, the great seducer whose wife enough to look and touch, so that it starts to purr, loses its seductive power that, if you fall in love. And that you never know, so man Scorpio more hold in uncertainty and less uverenog that you fully ovojio. Even when you eat.

ONA SCORPIO – You will always doubt whether you will rarely be able to prove to you and when the Scorpio woman was unfaithful. Because she hid her infidelity as a snake legs, considering such an act so intimate that there is no point talking about it. Therefore, it will never defend anyone not suffer attacks, because she knew she had to quench their lust or passionate urge for men to easily overwhelmed. And just as easily discarded. Well, then why the story, when she will never be able to resist that which is stronger than her – stories of the occult and erotic combination that felt at a man who reluctantly (fearing failure) shows feelings. Because it is clear that, if you show jealousy, lose control, and then not be able to eliminate is not (possible) rival.


SCORER ON – He heads the list of the least religious among men as a man Sagittarius (the nature of which half belongs or superiority felt by due undoubted popularity among women) – is seen as his virtue. Therefore be on, especially in areas where men are all permitted and forgiven in advance, even gladly boast of their conquests success with the opposite sex. Secretly wants to be his partner understands, even support, if he finds out that he was unfaithful and stay with him, because contrary to conventional notions of marriage or romantic relationships. In return, there is nothing he will not do for her, and rise the most in sospstvenim eyes. Even if she deceive him, not to protest, no matter how hypocritical it work, but it will also have a trump card over in his hands.

SCORER ONA – Mada, almost shoulder to shoulder with Aquarius, is among najslobodoumnije signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius wife will never impose its moral principles, attitudes, not behavior in the affair. But it will behave as it fits, not believing that anyone should be accountable. Having a partner is always seen as someone with whom he is equal in every respect, a woman Sagittarius will enter into relationship with longtime friend experienced as most normal thing that could have happened to her. Just as he recognized it and said its virtues, exalted spirit and dedicated nature which neither seeks nor expects a favor to grill under the ashes blaze, burned and converted into living fire.


CAPRICORN ON – On the list of the most devoted among men at the top, there is a Capricorn who is simply born to be faithful. Bira partner for relationship or marriage, despised infidelity, or the length of time it suffers its fraud, if he is in love. The passion in him, however, can incite a woman completely opposite emotional ideal of keeping to himself as a sacred trust: understanding of free, happy, loud, and passionate enough to unbalancing the old Capricorn and released by its complex. In younger men born under this sign, which are generally shy but curious, will usually older partner, tactical, skillful and patient, to be able to cause a storm of emotions and outburst of passion.

CAPRICORN ONA – Although considered one of the most loyal character, does not mean that a woman Capricorn, the impression of a man who, according to her deserves admiration, not give in to his persistence. Sometimes not decisive no resistance, as far as its assessment that much on, so she can afford to be amazed and intellectually stimulated, because everything comes from the head: Godič her to listen to a man who tells her that she is exceptional in every way, not only in visual terms. Since Capricorn woman convinced that everyone why there’s a reason, and she already holds a permanent guard of men, their deception will not experience such classic infidelity. If her partner cheats on you, does not forgive, but do not light up.


AQUARIUS ON – Because he thinks he can do whatever he wants and who wants only a matter of time when it will go through his head: perhaps when you ask him any requirement or prohibition. If you notice a change in his behavior that ranges from curry favor with the growing nervousness over to mild hysteria, it might still wavering; if wisely silent and smiles, but this should be your signal for danger, though not have to mean anything – for man Aquarius never know what the others have clear at a glance, including fraud. Forgiving unfaithfull partner and forgotten if he cheated once it has cooled down, and may even continue to be in a friendly relationship with her and – with him.

AQUARIUS ONA – Having considered that it allowed everything and men, because it does not recognize gender bias, but almost never stalking or checking your partner, the wife of Aquarius looks like – easy prey. Her spontaneity and casual flirting is a direct appeal to the deceiver and the conquerors, and even those who would only be in her company. E, there will already come across the thin ice, hard wall or will simply be stunned by her reaction that will be anything but acceptance. She embarks on a relationship when she felt that it wants and who she wants, with music, drinks and a story that she feels, and will even have a guilty conscience that anyone is cheating. Therefore hardly fits the classical relationship and are reluctant to get married, because they contain too many rules, too much commitments, and is not even the birth of a child does not have to make him change his mind.


FISH ON – Is he cheating is perhaps not so important how much his need to reassure you and scatter all your doubts that this can be true. Since he forgave you when you cheated him, the same is expected from you – that his infidelity simply ignore. Because he does not cheat premeditated, but because his wife imposed when they see so rolled up and arms so you can act very nice. Man in Pisces will try hard to persuade you to trust him and not evil tongues. As much as it impresses your jealousy, suspicion or concern, though it is important to trust only him, even if it’s only in your own four walls.

FISH ONA – Although it plays an impregnable fortress, Pisces woman wants, even in dreams or in the imagination, the seducer who will win leisurely, quiet and romantic. Therefore, she knows how long to be in love, but not to show it. Wants to be deceived, and when her seducer approached, run, slipping away, all hoping that he would eventually catch in his net full of dangerous erotic excitement. Difficult to remain faithful, for he was very emotional and vulnerable, and is partner easily hurt (often without knowing that he did), and when that happens, a woman in Pisces will seek solace in another man, always better and always stronger than that he had hurt her, because it is so important that it is experiencing.