Aspects of the planets and the Moon’s North Node Collateral horoscopes – Sinastrija

As we in interpreting natal charts regarded South Node as an indicator of karma (more vibrations of Saturn), and the North Node as the potential that we now provide (more vibrations of Uranus), it makes sense to the importance of these points appear in the analysis of comparative horoscope.

Considering that the aim of the whole text to recognize the potential that applies nose, here we deal with the issue of North lunar node and its aspects with the planets in your partner’s horoscope.

The most important position that you can find / one that will be a sure sign that the relationship has the potential are as follows:

North Node in good aspect to the Sun
Because there appear two people willing to each other to fully bring positive changes in your life.

This aspect will bring unpredictable and sudden changes, but the full productivity, among these two people predisposed to dream big.
Not a direct indicator of emotional ties, but it is an indicator of great success in any area of ​​joint work.

North Node in good aspects to the Moon
-Extremely important aspect which pair brings true inner understanding of the other, and an instinctive sense to provide support, especially about things that we are somehow afraid to start.

A common aspect in couples who have cut off old patterns and habits to begin this relationship.

North Node in good aspect with Mercury
-a particularly in the case of conjunctions delivers brilliant ideas, fascinating mental sharing, finding, or starting Completely new things.

That is why this aspect will be the most common answer, and the best manifest in couples who work together in any of the fields of scientific research.

North Node in good aspect with Venus
-as well as all aspects of Venus, this is one of the most important that can occur!

Here we see an unusual couple, ready for a huge change for the sake of progress, two people without fear of compromising the past, winning the future.

A common aspect in couples who are otherwise completely separate from social principles.

North Node in good aspect with Mars
-I’ll few recognizable by their energy, passion, incredible amount of optimism, which go through all the problems they encounter.

Great support, and a common aspect among people who still experiencing emotionally compatible and successfully.

North Node of the good aspects of the North Node
-podražava idealism, bringing people strength and incredible lightness to do things that seem impossible.

These two people have to have some kind of common goals, ideals to which they aspire, and to which no difficulties come.