ASTRO ADULTERY: Twins in parallel connections, Scorpio not resist sexual temptations

There are three signs of the zodiac who can not swear allegiance. Here we discover why these signs of the horoscope can not expect loyalty to their primary relationships.


They are in a perpetual search for oneself. Do not stick to their positions, perhaps because they do not have them. Flirtatious are prone to flirting from their own insecurities. They must be confirmed because they are under constant suspicion in their quality. When you win a desired target their game stops. And that means only one thing – to go on. They tend to parallel connections, because it usually can not decide which side they belong to. They return to old relationships, fly into new adventures, their life is general confusion. Who wants to play without limits, let him luck. Make sure you will not miss the fun.


She is very possessive and jealous. I would love if partners could bind handcuffed to a radiator. Own adultery justified as a measure prevncije or uncertainty in the opposite direction. However, neither the Scorpio will not engage in the challenge without passion. She then has a fluid, it expands it, and in their environment. Bids are still present, but how they resist?


Adventure is the key word and the trigger for adultery. How price that life is only one, Leo has no sense of remorse and takes the principle of ‘what is not zan has not even happened’ ‘. He abhors adultery imposed obligations and his only real apparent that the image is free. He ordered Morale other rules or procedures justifies his intelligence diplomacy of freedom of choice.