ASTRO Altar: How to pronounce Aquarius indicate that fateful ” yes ”?

We will try to figure out how astrology can help in order to introduce certain characters into marriage.


As much as the direct and immediate was, Aries will be hard to impose marriage ” shackles’. Partner must be a sports-oriented. “Couple workout” and the joint promotion will lead members to consider this sign of life together.


Although in his case applies logic ‘across the stomach to love’ ‘, Taurus will take a long time to embark into marriage. If he dares to move, you get bingo. Just do not induce his patience.


Here we are at a sworn bachelor. If you want to specify the Gemini to take you down the aisle, you’ll need to make the first move. His ‘yes’ will never be sufficiently stable. There is a risk that appears on your own wedding.


Cancer tends founding family. It could be said that his mission in life that creates itself through unity. It is not difficult to make a compromise with him about marriage, but survival is questionable.


While proven and confirmed through numerous adventures that life offers, the Lions will dare to double moves only when selecting an attractive and passionate enough half. It must be ready to spend the rest of your life flattering and admiring it.


Not so much as a housewife in the kitchen, or as a hygienist, you will buy a Virgin forever. If you try to display your perfectionism in ironing socks, start to choose a wedding dress.


Brak. Sounds interesting, but the repertoire of the rules would have to be respected – no limitation, no questions asked, without imposing obligations … and your Libra.


Here is a thing very clear. Scorpio or loves or hates. If you meet all of her sexual appetites and ambitions, you can bring your bags in her castle. This theory sounds simple, but consider the long-term decision. Good luck.


Eternal traveler. If you engage in coexistence with shooters, count on his constant absence. And how does it indicate that he wants to marry you? Try it will demonstrate its experience with paragliding and describe the taste of Thai specialties.


It is not difficult to take the goat to the altar. If you contribute to his business success, Capricorn is ready for marriage. Be equally ambitious on a business plan and you have to begin with a prenuptial agreement.


Why ruin a piece of paper that we put these chains and imposes a heavy burden? The absolute opponent of marriage formalities Aquarius. It is a synonym for freedom and the subject of marriage will suffer as a desecration of love. So refrain from this topic.


From romantic fish you can expect a marriage proposal at the first meeting, but it remains questionable whether this will be realized. Today it is with you, but tomorrow life leads to other unexplored paths. You will leave the city reflections on the theme of community if you are just as mysterious as she is.