ASTRO AQUARIUS: Aquarius and the other zodiac signs-Taurus is a friendly and unconventional types which all interested …..

Aquarius is a friendly and unconventional types which all interested. Easily make poznanastva, but does not give up its independence. She blindly holding his freedom. How fukcioniše with other characters, check.

Aquarius and Aries

Such relationships usually end up sincere friendship. When not comply emotional as partners, they remain harmonious relationships, and when the storm calms down have some mutual respect. Aquarius tends to make for some time fosters emotional attachment to Aries.

Aquarius and Taurus
This is incompatible combination. While Aquarius is considering future options, Taurus is the sign of which is strictly linked to the present. The pursuit of freedom and non-traditional relationships, liberal notions at Taurus creates a general misunderstanding.

Aquarius and Gemini
In this context there is unsurpassed energy. Sexual intercourse can be a fantastic feeling to astral projection. This pair of aspiring friendly relationship with the “benefits” to our mutual satisfaction. No one here can not tolerate that his freedom is threatened. Perfect assembly.

Aquarius and Cancer
Everyone has their own life principles for which it is difficult to decide on further meetings and the affair. However, Aquarius flattered to have beside him dashing and charming partner who has refined manners. But that would be all from this relationship. Prior to survive friendly ties between them.

Aquarius and Leo
Pride and stubbornness are related features for this pair, although this relationship can work well, because it will impress Aquarius Aquarius sincere, and will boast this without any exaggeration in his statements. The bigger problem in this relationship represents a constant desire for new Aquarian that Leo will not understand, but will seek a new person who will be the center of the world.

Aquarius and Virgo
Aquarius moves through life seeking pure spiritual enlightenment, while Virgo is an intellectual. Virgin interested in how and why, while Capricorn just focus on what is at the moment interested in any practical or not, and usually ask what’s next. It is unlikely that this can come to a mutual understanding.

Aquarius and Libra
You can talk all night and more … Here is an exceptional mental connection. Aquarius has a tendency to bring joy to your Libra unusual ideas and surprises. Both the weight of a liberal attitude.

Aquarius and Scorpio
Here is a volatile mix. Scorpio is preoccupied deep emotions, Gemini own ideas. Joint operation is possible, but when de Škorpijna overcome possessiveness and Vodolijna independence.

Both signs are uncontrollable. In this case, a serious drawback is antitalenat household. The perfect combination of friendly and superficial without preudiciranja to reach a stable lasting relationship.

Aquarius and Capricorn
Capricorn is a traditionalist who ran the system, a Taurus individualist who likes to crashes. Aquarius is directed towards the future, while the Taurus symbol of the past. In this combination Capricorn is absolutely helpless. There is a possibility to annoy each other.

Aquarius and Aquarius
Your attitude is sociable and you are in constant motion. I can not imagine the event and parties that you organize together. You are a combination of a very strong mental connection, romantic, that’s another story.

At the beginning of this relationship promises, but in the long run gives a disappointment. Pisces are too sensitive to be with someone so “wacky” and intellectual as Aquarius.