ASTRO Ascendant: What are your characteristics, how you look and how others see you? Ascendant or the ascendant is the point in the Zodiac that tells about your ‘Yes’!

Ascendant or the ascendant is the point in the Zodiac that tells about your ‘Yes’. How solar character determines our preferences and aspirations, both rising betrays our character and physical appearance.


You love the independence, freedom and assume leadership. Vama authority by others is not acceptable, because you are here to perform. Give away security and people you prices. Your opinion is always taken into account. Do you enjoy the sport, sometimes it happens to you to be the primary interest. People with ascendant Aries are usually athletic, very striking. Thick something izbačenije forehead physical characteristics of Aries.

Very persistent advocate their views, even if they are wrong. You do not change before and prefer to spend time staring at one point but is left to the challenges. Material safety you is very important, and therefore can achieve remarkable success. Rarely waves of anger overwhelm you, but if it happens, will be remembered. You have the talent to seduce your sensual lips. Venus has given you the curves and you know how to wear them. Among other attributes, have a look that wins.

Unlike solar sign when the Gemini ascendant, we can say that there are two sides of personality. Unpredictable and you have to yourself. Your intellect is at a high level and you have a favorite in society. You have information that entertain your environment. However, you are not a good basis loved ones, but for your cheerful spirit, it’s hard to get mad at you. The twins are slender build and youthful appearance. Most charming signs of the zodiac.

Due to its hypersensitivity very well anticipate various events and have a very focused detectors in their dealings. However, emotion makes you shy and insecure person. Respect tradition, you are very persistent, loyal and reliable. Their environment inspires confidence. When you highlighted maternal instinct, love of children and family.

Classified in people of middle or lower growth. Over time, you become susceptible to obesity, hands are usually small. Face shape is round, round faces and fuller.

Extremely you care about the impression you leave on others. You always want to present the best “light”. Do you need to impress the environment. Do you believe that the strong will of the path to success. You are very friendly, but if necessary, and prone to “pose”. Surrounding you resentment on egocentrism, megalomania, prenaglašenoj vanity and the need for domination. In a love relationship, you seem very passionate and committed.

Muscled you build, broad shoulders and strong bones, the torso is usually more developed than the lower body. Head erect, triangular in shape. The lips are thin, especially lower. Eyes gray or dark colors. The hair is very thick, wavy.


Distinguished you curious spirit, the need for learning, knowledge and education. Nice express yourself, you are communicative, but for all of you should be all weighed. You are very responsible and conscientious, you are subject to the pessimistic and melancholic mood. Surrounding you resentment in excessive criticism, at a measured and controlled emotions.

In a love relationship act with restraint, and sometimes too suspicious

You lean build. Face shape is generally oval, oblong. The lips are thinner, the chin is prominent and pointed.

You’re very charming and sensitive. You have refined and good taste, senses react. Distinctive you’re after a high-style, well-mannered and beautiful expression. You are very tactical and advocating compromise and diplomacy. You are a great lover of all that is beautiful. Since the partners expect the best treatment and thereby are very demanding, very often immodest. You are sociable, often around you have a large number of friends, acquaintances and even more suitors.

Marked and beautifully shaped lips. It is characterized Vs beautiful and youthful appearance. Compliant material bodies, women are very pretty and seductive – feminine looks.

At enormous energy potential and fighting spirit, you are very brave, energetic and daring. You are attracted by various challenges, you are clever, very ambitious, ready for action. You distinguished dominant passionate nature and emphasized the potency. Your primary psychological strategy is “to shoot right on target ”. The emotional injury or fraud is not tolerated and you tend to retaliation. You belong to a very potent and passionate lovers

Head shape is square or round, accented eyebrows, eyes very expressive, penetrating eyes, the nose is also rare, usually is “specific”.

On the environment often gives the impression of duty adventurers because rejecting conventions imposed rules and authority, not be reconciled with the prohibitions. In contrast, large you are a supporter of freedom in the broadest sense in thinking, action and behavior. In particular, you correspond to the width of the mental and emotional freedom. Surrounding you resentment at the lack of diplomatic notes and a clock, then expressed impatience and too direct expression.

Classified in persons with higher or extremely high growth. Usually you are slender in youth, later you masivnijojgrađi recognized by the body, the face oval.

At great organizational skills, “iron will” and strict nature. Due to their sober nature, realistically assess the world around them and actively solve the most complicated problems. You are very enterprising, involved on different sides and worthy. You look serious, rigorous and balanced, even very restrained. You do not meet the small things or average. In a love relationship express a great need for mental dominance over the partner.

You lean, bony structure of the body, with pronounced joints or knees. Longer or pronounced nose.


Characterized by the originality of the village in the broadest sense of expression, operation and creation. The very nature you’re the type of individual. Works best alone, but also through various associations and groups, leading to a big mistake, because you usually attributed to “sociability” .Very you are skilled in a variety of “love games” as sober and very deliberately choose love strategy.

Distinguished you a nice, pleasant and appealing look, you look especially strong, beautiful hands and acting very attractive to the opposite sex.

The very nature you ‘hipersenzitivac “and you have a very rich – a potent imagination and strong instincts. You distinguished empathy – empathy for the environment, flexibility, care and the need to act useful. It is interesting that people who are under the strong influence of this sign of life following a fatal love and romance.

Fuller, more expressive and sensual lips. Distinguished you a pleasant appearance, especially expressive eyes’ vitreous – watery “look.