ASTRO biceps: Learn how to trick the gym ….. Gym, gym! We like breasts every day, back and shoulders ….

Astrology is closely associated with exercise – it gives detailed descriptions of the styles of coaching, so it is easier to “read” people on the surrounding devices. Make sure that the description of the training of your horoscope sign accord with your “sweating”, but also learn how to approach the practitioners in the gym.

RAM in the gym wears red. He is drawn into a tight T-shirt, looks very seductive and usually mimics Rocky. If you want to approach him, wait for the end of the training and ask him for some advice. You bet it clear that he “admire”, and he loves it.

You will easily recognize the bull in the gym – he achieved good results, superior muscular, but can not impose – not clothing, not appearance, not behavior. He likes fast and intense workouts. It would be best to help him while lifting weights but will not refuse an invitation to a pleasant lunch after the gym.

Energetic Gemini can not long to maintain in one place. Their practice is chaotic – go with the bike on the weights, and the group training. A lot of talk, but if you do not do anything but exercise. It would be best to ask them what they do or to start a conversation without much thought. Spontaneous chats will gain their attention.

CRABS do not like to stand out, they are shy and act closed. It’s a trick, you know, they just love it, and practice in silence, studying the other. If you want to approach them, be brave and unobtrusive. Ask them to refer you to the rules of the gym, and the conversation will easily set with coffee after training.

Aerobic exercises are ideal for LAVA who loves to show off the superiority and physical fitness gained painstaking exercise. With headphones on, and seemingly indifferent to the environment, Leo enough attention paid to how they look other practitioners. Stakes compliment him and open him Woo, because prices on courage.

DEVICE must have perfect equipment, and even the best water bottle. At the beginning it is difficult, but quickly come to love exercise. They prefer group training – aerobics, zumba and yoga. Ask them to recommend some kind of training and try to deepen acquaintance with frequent gatherings. No žurbajte slowly let them know that you like, that’s not to intimidate.

Tracksuits and sports equipment according to the latest trends, the most beautiful and perfect hairstyle backpack, all that is required weighing instruments for training. They go to the gym viewed as out. Throughout the period of exercise, think about their results and are reflected. Do not they come forward immediately, watch them first and accidentally touch, Scales like such games.

Scorpio is hard to get to practice indoors, prefer coaching in nature. However, what exercises do wonders for their health, for them it is sufficient reason to the instructions in the gym where the first to bring together those who also do not like training. So they ask: “How about this instead go for a drink” …

The shooter is still in great shape, likes jokes and easy to establish good relations with everyone. Do not pay attention to those who are passionate about exercise. Offer them a challenge and they will not refuse. Also, do not forget to joke with them, they do not like haters.

Devoted practice, the goat does not like to meet in the gym acquaintances. Most often they are practically trained in equipment that dries quickly and in anatomic footwear. With a specific question and joint exercises Capricorns will not refuse to talk, to some extent they are considered as an obligation and an act of courtesy.

Aquarius will first embark on a new type of training because it can not stand monotony. They love unusual clothes in bright colors, often listening to music on headphones and have the latest devices for measuring heart rate. With them talk about current issues, talk with them is easy because they love socializing.

FISH least liked coaching, if i decide to go to the gym, his “rebellion” will show looking at the wall, retro equipment and ignoring “local star” in the gym. The attention you can attract them if you ask them for advice on how to heal sports injuries, because Fish love to help others. Ask them to recommend a good spa, and then he joins the.