ASTRO: Black-and-white world of horoscopes … Extremely good and bad signs of the zodiac

We reveal extremely good and bad characteristics of zodiac signs. There are some contradictions in a creature, but we’re talking about the black and white side profile of a single character.


Rams are great leaders, honorable, brave and courageous. Military leaders, excellent surgeons and professional athletes. As the phenomenon are very attractive because of its athletic. People respect them because they exude authority.
The dark side of their personality is that they know how to be very aggressive, they are potential killers affect. Their ” primer ” is very short or almost no. Fast plan.


This large forest host to host, and make you a little paradise out of life for a moment. It applies to lovers of good moments with him reflect a deep passion and enjoyment. Usually they are talented in the arts, the most common is to singing.
On the other hand, Libra is lazy senseless. Do not expect to have managed to run the action or make him take the initiative. His outbursts are rare, but are remembered.


Intelligent, funny and endlessly charming twins are perfect interlocutors. With them, never missing a good time. Prominent speakers, writers and acrobats, to them this life becomes a game.
However, the members of this sign, never rely on. Stacker and you would not care even if he knows that you have not found it. It knows no boundaries and it is an exaggeration to it only a matter of perception.


The warmth, love and loyalty are the characteristics of cancer. With him are implemented unforgettable moments. Constant also easily create a sense of belonging. Good parents and obedient children.
The dark side of this sign is that tears purchases. They are the main weapon that obezbdi time and money and love and happiness. They are able to manipulate people and situations.


Elegant, charming and sensitive. Leo is brilliant as an actor, speaker and politician. While all the lights shining on him, he is perfection without blemish.
But … This is understood to be extremely rude and inconsiderate. It is able to humiliate others to make yourself pointed out. He does not ask for the price of fame. This is the hero who helps those in need just in front of the camera lens.


Immaculately clean and tidy Virgo is the perfect analyst. You will not find a more objective attitude to her. Due to the inherent need for precision and discipline, they show their best qualities in the field of medicine.
The dark side is that this’ ‘robots’ who do not recognize human error. They got every emotion raciolizovana. All have the same treatment. Their regularity takes the form of psychological problems.


Unrivaled charm, Libra is the perfect prototype of beauty. These are mainly global models, male models, but also to judge that. lawyers. The righteous and the price of the truth. Love them is a movie romance.
However, the scales can be very superficial lovers. They were important their status and reputation, consider the unique and aware of their attributes do not provide the maximum.


Humanitarian activists perfect lovers, speakers energetic, passionate fans of Scorpio know how to shine in many areas. Very pronounced intuitive abilities.
What spoils the whole impression is the sick possessiveness and jealousy. The killers ambushed, premeditated. Ozbilno opponents and vigilantes.


Eternal traveler and adventurer. In the company of Sagittarius will surely forget about all your worries. Were informed and will hit a topic that really interests you. They are highly educated intellectuals and versatile.
The other side of their personalities that are not interested in compromise, they can not be tied to one place. Leave you somewhere, not caring how you will continue. A complete lack of attention and care.


Capricorn is an excellent business partner. Ambition and loyalty leads them to leadership positions of large companies and corporations. Their perseverance and endurance are qualities on which others can dream of. They’re great advisors and entertainment in society.
However, this character is really emotional ” handicap ”. They simply do not have the talent to open up to love. Compassion does not exist in their vocabulary, bohemian approach to life in them provokes contempt and disgust.


Creative artists, innovators, pilots and astrologers. Aquarians are the favorite companions. Solidarity are always full of new ideas. Their inquisitive spirit of them gets in different spheres of life, and with them there is always a topic for treatment.
But Aquarians are not truly committed to anyone. One weight exclusively freedom and bad partners in the long run. They are able to be very uncomfortable izskazivanju direct in his opinions.


Sensitive and emotional Pisces will offer care and assistance. Prominent psychologists and psychiatrists. You know how to be gifted in the arts. With perfect intuition recognize all your needs.
But the members of this loop with prudence should provide confidence. Often they are not in touch with reality and have a tendency toward deep psychological conflicts. Are prone to drug abuse and consumption of psychoactive substances.