ASTRO bluntly: The dark side of zodiac signs – explicitly!

No offense, but admit to yourself that this article has more or less the truth. Deal with your most heinous characteristics.


You are the first in everything, and you believe that the other jerks. You’re impatient and full of advice for others believe that only your thinking properly. You can not provide anything better than to make fun of each statement that is opposed to yours.


You are practical and persistent, doing ” a black man ”. Most people think you’re stubborn. This is the mildest word that describes you. You are nothing more than a wedding Communists.


You are intelligent and a fast thinker. People love you because you have a tendency to bisexuality. You expect too much, and do not give anything. You’re someone’s puppet cheap, that manipulates others.


You are full of understanding for other people’s worries and problems, which makes a complete fool. You are always open to others and so you will always get into trouble. Many Crabs are in prison.


You feel that you are a born leader, while others share the opinion that you are a complete idiot. Most Leos are bullies. You do not have tolerance and does not suffer criticism. Your arrogance is disgusting. Lions spend most of their life kissing mirror. You are a potential homosexuals who enjoy masturbation before sex.


You’re the guy who is leading logic and does not tolerate disorder. Your position is sick. You are cold and unemotional but it often happens that you fall asleep during sex. You are excellent conductors of buses after.


Art you type and you have difficulty with reality. Most male Libra are probably gay, while the women were prostitutes Scales. Scales usually die of venereal disease.


You are the worst of all. At work you are cunning and can not be trusted. Win the pinnacle of success because of your total lack of morals. For the sake of personal gain is not a problem that you hit the deck. Some of Scorpio are killed.


You are optimistic and enthusiastic. You rely on luck to you, by some miracle, because the monitors do not have any talent. You are completely worthless and most Scorers alcoholics because of it.


You are conservative and afraid of taking the risk. You are basically a coward, despite the exhausting work you will not achieve anything. No one does not like, not because you are not capable of love.


You have an inventive and progressive mind. You perfectly know how to lie. You’re making the same mistakes repeatedly because you are stupid. Do not bring creative solutions, and in fact everyone thinks you’re a jerk.


You have a vivid imagination, but often istripujete that you are a member of the BIA or the CIA sector. Schizophrenia and paranija disease originated from you. You lack confidence because they have trouble with life.