ASTRO: Bulls expect a turbulent period in the new business year (astrology)

2021 years will awaken your full potential. You will be prone to radical changes. However, individual efforts will undergo unnoticed, expect success later. The Council is to more clearly perceive the world around them and learn from some of the previous lesson.


2021 During your career will experience a rise, slowly but sigurno.Bićete exhausted from work, or will it eventually pay off. You will be worried at one time, because you expect results without patience. Do not let that demoralize and continue the same worth as you do now. Is guaranteed success. Jupiter and Pluto will play an important role in your career field. Teamwork will go to hand. However zapostavićete personal aspirations and concentrate on team benefits. Expect miracles in this area during the year.


Your relationships will wake up and enrich on a large scale. More engagement and events entitled in this field than the professional. Do not let your ego dominates in relationships. Look to the past for lessons that could help in the present and the future. Be wise in making decisions relating to long-term plans. Saturn can lead you into the world of fantasy, but be prepared for a fall to the ground at any time. Open and for giving and receiving.


It would be better if someone else has your money this year. You will be absolutely unrestrained in costs. Try to limit your instincts and impulses. Concentrate on the essentials, because it is certain that you will appear ” holes ” in the budget, and you know Kolikov it brings nervousness. Improving the financial situation only expect at the end of 2015. Family and friends can be a source of financial support. Beware of false crop protection chemicals that could threaten your financial status.


Your state of health will be changing throughout the year. These changes will be on a monthly basis. You will need a lot of energy and it would be desirable to improve your eating habits. Fatigue can narrow your options in all fields. You will be prone to infections as a planetary cycle requires.


Saturn and Jupiter will be in good relation with Venus, your ruling planet. Hence, there are certain problems in family relationship. There will be frequent clashes of opinion and raziležanja with family members. However, things will improve in mid-year. There is a possibility of major changes in terms of renovation or relocation.


For born under the sign of Taurus forthcoming trip abroad for because of some business ventures. Also not missing some tours from personal satisfaction.