ASTRO CAREER: Let them know who’s boss …. Taurus and Scorpio are “slaves” of money, but for status and prestige to compete Leo and Aries

Career. Do not complicated, this thing would certainly be the first Jarčeva spoken. Taurus and Scorpio are “slaves” of money, but for status and prestige to compete Leo and Aries. What other characters have a relationship to work, read.


Your office reflects the place for action. If the table beside the chair could not have wheels, it would be perfect, because it does not suit your temperament to be static. On the other hand you have created for positions of responsibility and born to be a leader. Administration that, but while one-handed typing on the computer, the other must be employed weightlifting. Pause happy to spend the “office” bike. In your workspace you absolutely must introduce some red detail.


For you and ministerial positions fictional. You are not the type who likes to dominate, but you’re not someone on whom you can establish authority. Suggestions will receive delayed and will mainly rely on their own opinions and principles. Since you are one category of people for whom money takes a key role in your life, your maximum capacity will achieve in affairs related to finance. Trading in real estate can be an option too.


Do not keep your place. From this we can predict ocean option for you. Activities related to frequent travel and by the way of a challenge for you and flirting mean fulfilling life. You are sure to fit in and those workers who are expected swift and practical intellect. In the role of the slave you will receive an excellent connection between the boss – servant. Popular among colleagues you only if you uhavte do not rush.
Flirt and adventures at work, here are the unbreakable connection.


You are the only one that parents give children the confidence to be kept. As someone who has a strong sensibility you match jobs with children, actually to show all the commitment in the role of educator, warm advice and intimate attitude you ‘balm on the wound. ”
Also, since your kitchen a place where happy to stay through your culinary skills, you can achieve good profit.


Where are you President?
At the very least, from the lions is expected to reach the position of the owner or chief executive of the company, firm or corporation even better. Fell to be set up, giving everyone know who the “boss” of the “bosses”. From its employees will expect huge capacity and ambition because he himself possesses.
Lion eating tends to exaggeration, but it is a very fair and open communication, but do not impose your ideas, considered it an insult.


Where the sterile conditions Taurus shines. If it’s not about the office where each item must have its exact place, will surely be a pharmacy. Device are outstanding doctors and clinicians in the field of medicine, which has enabled analytical characteristics. Occupations that require precision and practical thinking gives to the Virgin and the possibility of action in architecture.


Many are already known, and the only name that alludes to Scales care about justice, and we often meet in courtrooms first members of this sign. It is well known that they need a lot of time for a decision, which indicates how much detail all consider a possibility. This feature is ideal for someone who handles justice.
On the other hand, are very favorable to the arts, but are often excellent artists born during the reign of just this character.


When focusing, Scorpio njuspešnije shows the results of the accomplished goals, and it sometimes can take the stage obsession. Like the Taurus, it is the trigger for money motto. Scorpio will not indulge in unprofitable ventures and will not have the patience for gradual avanzovanja. It will rather opt to play “all or nothing”.
Because they emphasized intuition, a “spiritual food” peeking into people’s consciousness and subconscious, its the perfect choice would be psychology. The companies are doing well in the field of human resources, provided they do not cooperate with the bulls of the opposite sex, as there may be certain affair.


Sagittarius is a fan of fun and enjoys making money and spending money. He favors a dynamic working atmosphere, but will cause him satisfaction matters related to travel. Photographer, reprter, travel guide … These are occupations that do not require control his restless spirit.
Similarly Gemini, they will be hard to put on a chair there spend their working day. Flexible working time and the dynamics of what is necessary in the exercise of goals.


Synonymous career would be Leo. Members of this sign have to shine on a business plan and provide valuable status and loyal. When there are no discrepancies in the exercise of desired goals and persevere like no other. In the business field can act very cold, inaccessible and organized. This is quite different to the private sector. Even if you do not know them privately, and you meet them, you swore that you come across someone who is a figure similar to your colleagues at work, just as pleasant and polite.
It is exercised in the affairs of management and finance. Ideal for cooperation between the Bulls, they can understand without communication.


Aquarians are intended to make mankind better. They are visionary types and there are no limits when it comes to education and new knowledge. In addition to dealing with humanitarian actions, we will meet them in positions IT departments, professors … Occupation pout pilot is the perfect choice for the representatives of this sign.
No authority nor suffer any kind of limitation on the exercise of their duties. Dress code for them to be freer and may not be strictly enforced.


Professional dancers, painters, actors … Each association of art here is gaining traction. Fashion designers, because no one has such potential and imagination to Fish know how to express themselves in their projects. She is friendly associate who always finds a way to compromise and alternative solutions. A favorite among colleagues regardless of their social status. Fish do not pozanaje language hierarchy and for her are all born equal. Let her dreams and ostavriće amazing results.