Astro Claus fulfills wishes

Taurus fill budget, Capricorn give new business opportunities, Virgo Domestos … What else would be an appropriate gift for the New Year, it will declare all members of the zodiac signs.


If I had the patience to wait for a gift, it would be a set of sports equipment. I’d like a new year starts with at least some peace, if Santa does not forget to pack kilo of new nerves. If not, then a baseball bat under mandatory.


Wait a minute to think of Santa Claus … Hm, rich food and more money for a little more luxurious life. Personal driver and a ” Moet ”, only to be found. Tell your boss that you do not overwhelm obligations.


Whoever you are, I’ll call you Santa Claus to send me the latest model of iPhone, and a faster car. Look in the middle of it on time, hurry. We’ll be in touch.


Dear Santa, I know you’re a good person and have a lot of commitments, I will not bother much to his needs, or if you could udomiš all stray dogs, I would be very grateful. Me under the tree leaving only a soft and warm blanket.


To be sure, Santa, I know you’re proud of me because I’m the best, therefore deserve the best. Below my brightest in gold decorated with fir, I need you to leave me something decent. Some very valuable and worthwhile, others let your imagination run wild.


Set the cleaning chemistry is a decent gift. No need to mention that the disinfectant most important item. If you are unable to rid me of this year, unsightly and free people and detach them on the security distance.


Santa, I really do not know what I would, but I need anything. I do not even know what belongs to it ” everything ”. If you have a list but to sum up the answers, but we please put option at the same time more than one circle.


Look, I’ll be specific with your wishes and I will not equivocate much. Let my enemies burn in hell, and I will be quite ok pair of handcuffs, a leather corset and boots over the knee. A whip for the reindeer which I borrowed last year, it’s time to go back.


O almighty Santa, please once and I pray this a thousand times, we discover new continents destinations, a valid passport and the middle of the EU that we do not limit during their stay abroad.


Dear Santa, if you would be kind enough to give me an answer by email, what are you able to tell you develop a solid business plan that would have the epilogue to my business experience culmination status next year.
Pre grateful, Capricorn


Hey Santa, or whoever is behind your name. Throw some new idea to the account of the New Year holidays, this tradition is a little smorila. See us-enable vehicles running on hydrogen, it could already be a sensation. It’s already been broken.

The charming Blankets, bring me another bottle of whiskey to drown this pain and sorrow. Let the New Year Eve completely intoxicated as whiskey, as new love.