ASTRO-colors: red training, let bode joy!

All our colors are beautiful!

Colors affect our moods and feelings – when we are surrounded by blue, cold sorry, but red in many causes aggression. If you are dressed in white emitter impression of innocence, a yellow will always be joy and positive energy. It is important to pay attention to the colors that surround us – both in the regulation of the apartment, and when buying wardrobe.

Did you know that every zodiac sign has a color that symbolizes it gives him energy and protect it?

Born under the sign of the ram were men of action and energy. Therefore, it is for you the right color red! It is the color of your destiny and brings power. Starting from dark red through bright or krvcrvene, you simply shine is wearing on him. Stay in a red ambient influences to your positive energy and strength even more come to the fore.

You are grounded and sensual, but all the nuances of the country, ranging from brown, gray and green over something that you can feel the best. In addition, like other colors of nature, such as grass or emerald-green, red and yellow, like a fruit that grows from the fertile land of his dominion. These colors enhance your strength.

Your color is yellow. It is known for warmth and sociability, just like you. Yellow color stimulates questioning, placement of new ideas and thought-brightness, which are characteristic of your curiosity. The yellow color makes you immensely positive person.

Because you by the Moon, the most powerful do you feel when you wear a white and silver color. Given the fact that the moon affects the tides, you perfect match and turquoise, light and dark blue and gentle greenish – all the colors of the sea and the ocean. These colors help you to feel stable and protect you from excessive charges emtivnog whom you are prone.

Your sun sign is managed, and the gold, yellow, orange and red perfectly fit into your world. They will help you show your brilliance and turn attention to themselves in any situation. Additionally, such extravagant colors gives you confidence and samopodsticaj.

Since you’re handy, you Preferred colors that are easy and not too discreet attack – beige, brown and similar to autumn shades. These natural and neutral colors easily discreet us in all combinations and for all occasions. In addition, wearing them, you feel joyful, healthy and well-organized, which fits your personality.

With your romantic nature go very soft and pastel colors. Light Pink, turquoise and mint green bring you positive energy and establish the right balance between your masculine and feminine sides. If these colors make in everyday life and immediate environment, prosperiraćete in all aspects of life.

Mysterious, slightly dark and mysterious, simply can not resist dark wine color, such as dark purple, the color of cherry and, of course, black. However, wear them only on special occasions, when you want to reach the most hidden part of your soul. They help you find the strength in yourself in situations when you think all is lost.

You are a person with an adventurous spirit, always ready for a challenge and eager to win, but you most fit dark blue and purple. Specifically, these are the colors that symbolize the vastness and inspire you to travel the uncharted regions, as our planet, as well as your mind. Boldly combine them with ocher, white and red.

Serious and reliable, you prefer brown, earth tones and simple, but with all the bearing, black. From the very beginning, these colors symbolize the traditional, persistent things that resist weather. Introducing them into your everyday life, you enter the security, tranquility and a sense that through life moving in the right direction.

Your character is influenced by Uranus, the planet symbolizing technology, surprises and changes and, therefore, no wonder your first choice intense shade of blue. It helps with inspiration and creative energy is released, without a lot of effort and unnecessary victims. Also, when you wear this color, either as part of the wardrobe and accessories, encourage creativity in others.

You are known as dreamers and mystics, and you are attracted to you all that deeply, endlessly, and elusive. Therefore, it is no wonder as your first choice all shades of sea and ocean. From the sea foam, to the depth of the river, the choice is yours. These colors help make your dreams come true.

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