Astro Diet: Lose weight by horoscope Read-stars and get rid of excess weight!

The desire to be more beautiful, healthier and in better shape led to the almost countless ways designed weight loss and dieting. Among them is one in accordance with zodiac signs
Is there an ideal diet, according to planetary resources and the overall environment? Astrologers stared at the sky and put together a weight loss program in the zodiac. Read the stars and get rid of excess weight once and for all.

RAM (21. 3 – 20. 4.)
Aries is impatient by nature, and this is true when it comes to nutrition. I do not like to prepare food, but the kitchen will look for what you can instantly, with the legs to eat. They will be thrilled to be cast on any new, even radical diet, but also quickly and discontinued because they want quick results.
The ideal diet: what rams helps in the long run is a combination of fast and healthy low-calorie meals. To this should be added a little relaxation. Enter the fruits days, 1.5 kg of fruit eat and drink at least two liters of mineral water. If you get bored for a few days, change the menu and save the dish with rice 125 g brown rice stew with salt and divide into three portions. Eat two apples in the morning, and for lunch and dinner, mix the rice with the remaining 100 g cucumber salad. It is important to drink plenty of fluids: water, vegetable soups, juices miksanog fruit or vegetables.
Tip: instead of swallowing food, you have to learn to enjoy it. Before each meal to relax, close your eyes, ten deep breaths through the nose and exhale through your mouth. Only then can grab the cutlery.

BIK (21. 4 – 20. 5.)
Bulls love to consciously make mistakes – fall into these sins and food. Eating them is a joy: the taste and appearance should be connected. They leave much time for eating and prefer to enjoy the food at home, in a comfortable atmosphere. Weight problems have mainly when their passion for food prevails. Their big plus is that they are very persistent and tenacious. When you really want something, go to the end. This is true for weight loss. However, the Bulls are very difficult to grow out of your favorite treats. They love chocolate, ice cream and cake.
The ideal diet: sweet snacks are very important for the Bulls. It is best to incorporate a diet of fruits, which will provide them with plenty of sugar. Store rich salad of seasonal vegetables, and one day you can feel free to eat pork and juicy steak, or prepared on the grill.
Tip: Bulls should try to control your desire for sweets. Before eating a green apple smell or mint oil. These fragrances curb the desire for sweets.

GEMINI (21 5 – 21 6)
The twins were spontaneous, not like patterns, not in life is not on the menu. But why is fast food invented just for them. As for weight, most Gemini are lucky, their inner restlessness encourages the exchange of matter and they are constantly burning fat. Diet are considered boring and will therefore hardly any Twin decide to keep it.
The ideal diet: to be custom Gemini child must be practical and versatile. We recommend dairy products, primarily yoghurt (men and fruit) and cheese. Avoid pasta. Diet you can start introducing more liquid, drink two to three liters of fluid a day, for example. mineral water and vegetable soup.
Tip: try to eat in the same place and slowly. Avoid fast-food restaurants.

CANCER (22 6 – 22 7)
Crab prevailing emotion in one moment are in seventh heaven, and the next as they touched the bottom of life. If the prevailing negative energy, then using food as medicine. Sweets treat stress. For these individuals, weight loss is a major problem. Many of them are excellent cooks. Therefore, little crabs, use your imagination and create the perfect meal to your liking.
The ideal diet: take seven meals a day. Among the main dishes sure to treat yourself to lunch, for example. a salad of seasonal vegetables that you pour with a little olive oil and fruit vinegar. The salad can be mixed mustard spoon, chop the garlic, and those who prefer a little more unusual flavors of the salad can be overlaid with a spoon of honey.
Tip: Crabs need to learn to control your mood. Sport can help to get rid of negative energy. Top’ll feel if at least twice a week to go swimming or cycling.

LAV (23 7 – 23 8)
Lions have a lot of energy. To remain in full force, they must be good and food. They love to be the center of attention, but it is true when they eat, many are hedonists and prefer to eat in restaurants, where they will all be saved. We should learn and something to cook, it will so easy to control how much they eat and how many calories are entered.
The ideal diet: it is important to always take meals at the same time. This will balance the metabolism, which will naturally affect the decrease in body weight. Lions do not have to give up energy food, they need to occasionally eat a steak or a serving of pasta. Eat slowly and before each meal drink a half-liter of water.
Tip: Lions are prone to increased cholesterol, therefore, must take into account the intake of fat. Salad you can save with yogurt and lemon instead of vinegar and oil, and better prepared meat on the grill.

VIRGO (24 8 – 23 9)
Device are perfectionists. Attach great attention to a healthy diet. They are able to recognize what their body feels and what he suffered. Avoid coffee, alcohol and sweets. Rare are the Virgin with a very large weight. If you suffer from excess weight, do not keep Radical child because they have problems with digestion and stomach.
The ideal diet: eat more times a day, a little bit. Breakfast come up with yourself, because you know best what it means to eat healthy foods. For lunch you can drink low fat fruit yogurt or eat 100 g low-fat cheese with olives. It is important that you enter the food in small quantities and enjoy every bite. For dinner, a salad of tomato.
Tip: be careful about entering liquid, drink at least two liters of mineral water a day. The ideal would be that you add a few cups of herbal or fruit tea.

LIBRA (24. 9 – 23. 10.)
Scales are born tasters. At the parties are still at the table with refreshments. However, do not eat it all, they’re a little choosy. If you do not find what they are eating at that moment, they would rather stay hungry. A typical problem is that Libra is difficult to decide on a diet, because they fear that their diet food will be delicious. Motivation can be found in some culinary delights.
The ideal diet: Libra needs a lot of small meals in order to have something to look forward to. Foods should be seasoned, sometimes exotic flavors. Try something new, it will make weight loss easier, for example. Japanese sushi, which is low-calorie, or chop the tofu and marinate it with soy sauce, honey and spices. Chunks of cheese let it drain and sauté them in oil. Serve with rice.
Tip: do the exercises motivation if you hold a child is not an attractive idea: every morning, look in the mirror and imagine how you will look good after a few days.

SCORPIO (24 10 – 22 11)
Scorpio love to go from one extreme to another. When the food comes, or overeat or starve. It is certainly not justified health. Scorpio primarily have to learn to eat healthy. That they will not pose a big problem, because they have an advantage over the other signs: if you decide to lose weight, their spirit will help them to endure to the end. To satisfy their appetites, should allow them some juicy sins.
The ideal diet: during child drink more liquid, at least two liters, herbal or fruit tea. Five meals a day will satisfy your need for food. Instead of sweets have a drink of bananas: mix 150 ml of skim milk and a banana. Drink tea to lose weight, which you can buy in a pharmacy.
Tip: Scorpio are prone to cellulite. So we should avoid salty foods such as ham, sausages and the like. At the plate should have as many muesli, wholemeal bread, vegetables. These foods are healthy, but at the same time stimulate digestion.

SCORER (23 11 – 21 12)
Shooters are very social. They prefer to eat outside the home, with friends in the city. Although, if you happen to be alone in the kitchen, will prepare a moment something tasty and easy. Irregular feed, a rare meals are often more abundant than they should. They’re lucky they move around a lot, most of them are engaged in some sport, which contributes to fat burning. However, after every activity, they rush to the fridge.
The ideal diet: Diet menu Scorers must contain energy-rich foods. Recipes should be as simple as possible. Shooters is a very important breakfast, for example. muesli sugar-free, two crackers with jam and low-fat margarine, or a slice of bread with an integral egg.
Tip: In the circle of good friends often eat much more than they should. In the restaurant you order meat or grilled fish and salad with dietary dressing. You enjoy the company and keep the diet.

CAPRICORN (22 12 – 20 1)
Goats prefer simplicity. They love simple and inexpensive meals. Food plays a special role in their lives, so few people who have problems with overweight. However, stress and problems compensate for overeating. If this is often the result is visible in the mirror. Capricorns are very self-critical and have no self-pity.
The ideal diet: Capricorns are skeptical of diets. Using small simple meals successfully reduce consumption. Therefore, their weight loss program consists of several meals a day, with a mandatory four snacks: delights of wholemeal bread with cheese, tomato, basil or yoghurt with sesame.
Tip: the movement is very important for Capricorn. At bedtime, do a couple of exercises for the hips and legs.

AQUARIUS (21 1 – 19 2)
There are three types of Cancer. Adventurers from eating real competitive discipline, constantly trying out new recipes and visit exotic new restaurants. Tasters nibbled always something and I can not wait for lunch time. The third stereotype, get monotonous diet and it does not bother them. All share a weakness for sweets. Aquarius also like to eat with friends.
The ideal diet: lots of small meals appropriate to their quick temper. Plan a sugary snack, for example. strawberry. Mix the 100 g of purified strawberry, 100 g of low-fat cheese, 2 tablespoons of orange juice and drizzle tablespoon of honey.
Tip: Let your imagination help in losing weight if you are eating cake with whipped cream, imagine what the cake just the way you eat and gradually in the imagination into a bunch of fat in a person. You’ll see, this scene will drive away the desire for sweet snacks.

FISH (20 2 – 20 3)
Fish are not demanding. They’ll eat what they have at hand, it will first affect the excess weight. This is particularly evident in stressful situations or when you have love problems. Fish are not very disciplined, they fail to carry a child up to the end and very easy to forget about her if, for example, invite friends over for dinner.
Ideal Diet: A diet with plenty of fluids is ideal for Fish, at least three liters a day. I think that if you hot drinks more than enough of the cold. Drink herbal teas, water or lemonade. Just taking five meals a day. Glad you can always bluff integral snacks or biscuits from oat flakes. For dinner, save the tomato soup.
Tip: Pisces is important to feel a sieve, because it can not tolerate hunger. A good trick is to drink fluids frequently, you will not feel hungry.