ASTRO DIET: Rams to forget about fast food, Lions on the bread, and for the members of one character ALCOHOL IS DEATH!

It is not easy to make up the diet and weight loss, but astrology has advice for you – how do you spend painless weight loss.


You must first learn to eat more slowly and do not overdo it with fast food. You do not mind spicy food, but avoid carbs if you want to stay slim. Cakes, sweets and treat yourself to paste only in rare moments.


I know that the stars can you breed almost entirely of sweets. If you can not Batalla forever, please reduce them to a minimum. However, make sure that it does not burden appearance.

In the first place must be the health and therefore should pay attention to nutrition. Do not exaggerate in anything, because you and the fruit can not gain weight if you eat a lot.


Eat smaller meals more often and … Pay attention to salads and boiled vegetables, and avoid meat. Moving warmer weather, so you’ll move more – you can enter and more fluid. Eat fruits and vegetables, drink lemonade, but do not forget to plain water.


Everyone knows that you worship the milk and milk products, and they are important, but do not overdo it. Fruit yogurt, whole milk, cream, cheese – it’s certainly not for you. Reduce your intake of sweets, drink as much water and so will solve the problem of excess weight.


You do not have to eat everything that you stand in the refrigerator. More meat, less bread. You’re a big cat, king of animals, but you needed the meat, but do not over-eat because it will make you slow down. Eat at least five small meals a day and be moderate.


Just as all the ladies admiration enter into a new boutique, so you rush into it to health food stores. At least one day should consume muesli, porridge and cereals, but do not overdo it with seeds and nuts fruit. Eat wholemeal bread and plenty of fruit and vegetables, or – preferably – fresh and without overflow, dressings and sauces.


Start your day with green tea without sugar, then think about meals. It would be best to start writing down what you eat so you will have an insight into how many fruits and vegetables you enter into yourself, whether you are a moderate or exaggerate … Play it and be your own nutritionist.


Yes, to be healthy you should eat the foods that you really did not first on the list of desires. Health and diet foods, add spices and you will love them. Thus, a teaspoon of honey to sweeten fruit, steamed vegetables, season with aromatic vinegar, grilled meat and soy sauce.

Arrange meals properly and watch how much what you enter. You only vegetables you can eat in unlimited quantities.


Adrenaline junkie and lover of adventure does not like any restrictions, so your child so hard for. Hedonists you, but i love challenges. Set yourself a goal and then everything will be easier.

Cut out the food first bread, sweets, soft drinks and juices with sugar and then alcohol. When you start to take your weight, you will be happier and more willing to work on it.


Beware of the “heavy” food. Eat always at certain times of the day and avoid late night meals. Can not skip meals because you will then, in order to compensate, enter more food than your body needs.

Calibrate and think about food as a business – what better organize and follow the plan, it will be easier to lose weight.


Do not overeat and Batalla fast food. You’re not happy and adept in the kitchen, but if you find some interesting recipes with your favorite fast food you will find that cooking can be very interesting.

Healthy food, fruits and vegetables can be delicious just like you, darling heavy and spicy meals. Do not think that starvation diets.


For you are the perfect seafood, fish and vegetable soup. Increase the intake of calcium – milk, dairy products, canned fish, sardines, broccoli, kale … Avoid alcohol, but with a snack (not with meals), drink the juice squeezed from oranges. Do not eat at night. If you wake voice deceive it by “the ex” drink a glass of water.