ASTRO DIET: Taurus and Libra are not giving up sweets, while Virgo strictly with diet

Now that the holidays have passed all the time to say goodbye to all the pies and cakes. Horoscope will help you according to your sign choose the most efficient way to ” rid of him ” one kilogram of excess.

There will be difficulties, because Aries takes care of your physical appearance. Vama nature gave athletic physique and a good metabolism, but if you had a food and drink, you will not be a problem to ” throw ‘the exhausting workouts. With an additional source of adrenaline, your kilograms are regulated. Atkins diet.

Sugar … How it’s just delicious and inherently your sweet Venus. Do the test load glucose. Give up sweets, junk food, and beverages. You will see a very fast outcome. You have the seductive skills, imagine that your body bring to perfection, what will this leave the impression of the opposite sex!

For you not to worry, because you are always on the move. There are strictly restricted diets, they are certainly not skilled keep. You’re in luck because of your temperament, so you are not prone to weight gain. You like fruits and vegetables and continue to enjoy in your kitchen. If you will just try Waite vočers diet.

As the largest beneficial owner well-prepared food, you can not resist temptation and do not worry too much about excess weight. However, you are advised to still consult with a nutritionist. First: The new style of cooking, interrupt the monotony of habit, second, you will feel better and more vital.

Suits every diet that lasts longer than 7 days. You want to express the results. You tend to see yourself in the mirror more than you actually are in reality. Do not give up on the goal and strive for perfection coma. Do not you want the best for themselves?

You can follow the established and proven diet, that is, eat smaller portions and more meals at the correct time. Also, you live up rules that you should never did ” with ‘legs”, the brain registers satiety after 20 minutes, the slower we eat, the less we will need to be fed. France diets.

You are in exaggeration, even when sweets are concerned, a great understanding with Taurus. Maybe you go to common treatments, but under the condition that after obtaining some result, not treat yourself to some cheesecake. This your ‘guarantor’ compensate fruit or dark chocolate, will be acceptable. Thus, 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% good fats – of the Zone diet.

You enjoy physical pleasures including food specific taste. Also, you do not suffer you to be deprived of your wishes. For you the optimal option Sonoma child. I will still be present focus on eating the minimum dose limits.

You are problematic are the hips and thighs, for you are recommended a diet that is designed to clean the liver. That you’re guaranteed to get rid of fat deposits and in record time. You patience is not one of the strongest traits. Fet flash diet, you will succeed.

As a very character of people, you will comply with all the rules of life and you will hardly bring himself in a situation to resort to diet in order to weight loss. On the other hand, your constitution is slim. However, by any chance happen to excess, most would not dare to set yourself a strict regime of diet, but this is not a problem zard objective. Grapefruit diet is for you.

Cabbage diet is for anyone who wants to completely change the style and way of life. You can do it briefly and expect quick results. You and so do not have much time to focus on nutrition, you have better things to do.

If you exit the depression will help you diet Bob Greene. The perfect combination of good diet and little exercise only to not fatigue too. Vama Foods minds be some consolation in times of crisis. Study this diet and you will see good results.