ASTRO: earthy zodiac signs do not change their habits …. Country Government material goods and practical things …..

Country government material goods and practical things. Common earth signs that tend routines, habits and respect tradicijonalnih value. We discover individual traits and features are signs of belonging to the earth element.

Man – I do not like to take the initiative and are reluctant to engage in any action. However, when one decides to elect his heart he turns into a great lover. On his companions to provide security and protection. On the other hand can be a very possessive and jealous. Partner seen as personal property.

The woman – The woman successfully cope with all life’s problems. It has sometimes impulsive nature. Council viewed through the material, but also a realistic way. Sometimes likes to spend money and through its budget. It’s hard to rein in if you see a good piece of clothing, that moment it becomes her obsession.

Man – They are cautious and tactical. With them very dominating detailed analysis. Do not tolerate sloppiness and difficult to fall under someone else’s influence. When the opposite sex it is essential orderliness of the smallest negligence in this case can not be tolerated. To them applies a detailed approach to every lifestyle segment.

The woman – Device is difficult to engage in a relationship because they are very demanding and these women do not accept nothing less than perfection. Very detailed approach to each topic and their neatness and cleanliness occupy border exaggeration. Often choose partners whose interest in relation to health or are themselves in this industry.

The man – very collegial and are good friends. They appreciate the traditional values. However, their main occupation and job success. They are very loyal. For partners visokotolerantne elect people who will support them in the way of his career. They exude authority and opinion that should strictly abide by the rules.

The woman – a woman of Capricorn home and family is very important. Imposed conservative education will manifest life. Traditionally, it will transfer, and to their descendants. Deviation from any form of imposition of her life strategies for it will mean a great offense. Engage in links to you only if you are sure that it will be in the long run.