ASTRO EROTIKA: These are sexy fantasies erogenous zone and ideal partners of your sign

When the bomb was in bed when a dud find here.

Wife: passionate, enjoying the hot embraces and leaves without prejudice. He likes to dominate and lead the erotic game. Men are expected to be durable and to follow her pace. In the ecstasy of scratches and bites. If a man is not ready for a fiery sex will quickly lose interest. The youth is not committed to a single partner, but seeks challenges. When you find the real, as well as the maturity, skills again surprises and attracts the attention of an erotic partner.

The man: energetic and tireless in bed. There is no time for long foreplay. Attracted by all that is shocking and forbidden. If you want to win, get rid of prejudices and do not promise that I’m ashamed of. If you keep it always show new skills in sex.

Erogenous zone: pull im fingers through his hair and biting the ear, pick them cute anger.

Ideal partner: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

Woman: Sensual and erotic hushed. He loves long foreplay and is particularly sensitive to kisses in the neck. Over the years becomes aware of her sexuality, freer and more passionate. It has highlighted the sense of taste, enjoy kissing or oral sex. In mature skillfully leads the erotic game and knows how to awaken the imagination of the partners. Silent resists and simultaneously provokes men, showing a lot of erotic knowledge.

Man: Wins gradually, but do not give up a woman who attracts him. She is sensitive and understands the needs and feelings of erotic partner. He likes classical poses, but will not reject a tender for an exotic variation. Earn it slowly. It will give you confidence and a handful of enjoyment.

Erogenous zone: Passionate kisses in the neck and below the ears will awaken in them a volcano of passion.

Ideal partner: Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.

Wife: seductive, charming, magical source. Free-spirited, does not like to partner limits. Wants to hang out, go out and make friends. Enjoys range of erotic games, from verbal courtship, lascivious whispers to provocative behavior and incitement. Imaginative, curious, retains a youthful spirit and mature why men do not forget. Again and again, different, ready for a different experiment for the sake of pleasure.

Man: Inteligantan, spicy, interesting. Does not correspond partner who expects a serious relationship. Beside him the future is uncertain, but it sadašnost fun. Enjoys when making love in front of a mirror, with the lights on. He loves diversity.

Erogenous zone: Kissing the inside of the hand, from the hands to the armpits, awakening lust.

Ideal partner: Leo, Libra, Aquarius.

Woman: Sensual and shy. She needs to be sure of the sincerity of partners to leave eroticism. Conquer the compliments, and relaxes long foreplay and kissing her breasts. Shyness disappears with maturity. When you gain life experience and confidence, becoming more and more sexual čulnija. Enjoying the gentle caresses and returns partner. He loves kisses. It can have an orgasm kissing. Refuse is rude and pushy men who want quick sex.

Man: sentimental, changeable mood and eager proof of love. How is uncertain, flattered him when he had the impression that the more experienced partners. He enjoys that reveals the mysteries of sex. He loves long foreplay and then striving to meet the needs of partners.

Erogenous zone: fondling her breasts and nipples fingertips says it is a stimulant.

Ideal partner: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Wife: dominant and dignified. It is expected that a man courting her, admires, adores it, and gives attention. When they wake up the passion, fire and reacts violently. He enjoys the kiss in the area of ​​the thigh. He loves to make love in front of a mirror that, when this partner admires her body and sexual prowess. Likes the dominant position and leading the pace. The maturity is difficult, excites the role of mistress.

Man: confident, generous, passionate, or vulnerable. It is easy to win the flattery. It is expected that his chosen one is always in the mood for sex. Foreplay is short, but it is durable. It excites him when the woman is subordinated to sex, when he loses control and screams.

Erogenous zone: loosen up if his fingertips and nails slowly move along the back.

Ideal partner: Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

Wife: Serious, discreet, balanced, both in life and in sex. Refuse the invasive men. First, analyzes and only when partner to gain her trust is ready to erotic contact. Pre sex proposes a common shower or bath. She is relaxed if it is satisfied her need for purity. Will enjoy if her partner gently caressing and kissing the area around the navel.

Man: Thoughtful, gentle and considerate. Not the romantic type, courting easily and study the behavior of a woman before approaching her. Not prone to vulgar outbursts of passion, as in the manual for sex. They will ask a woman what she wants and she udovolljiti.

Erogenous zone: Kisses in the waist will make you tremble with desire.

Ideal partner: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Wife: A subtle, refined and sophisticated seductive. Over the years, becoming more feminine and starts all over to enjoy the act of sex than in the game of seduction. Refuse is messy and aggressive men. He wants the sleek and noble partner. From sex show. Appears in a challenging underwear, waiting to see the reaction of a man. Departments gently removing the provocative body movements. Deductions man who is aggressive.

Man: Charming, seductive, likes to win. Attracted by fashionable, sophisticated women. Enjoys long foreplay and does not want his wife rushed. It aims to meet a partner and is ready to make love all night until it is brought to a climax. Likes stylish ambience.

Erogenous zone: Uzbudiće them circular movements and touch your fingers on the butt.

Ideal partner: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Wife: Sexy, radiates a powerful erotic charge. Men are attracted to walk, smile, look. Energetic, followed instinct bodies and SRCC. Sexiest woman of the zodiac. He wants a strong and durable man. It acts with restraint, or in the bedroom has no prejudices and limitations. In his youth, quickly becoming aware of their sexuality and explores the limits of pleasure and a challenge to fully maturity. Wearing a black sexy underwear, high heels, mini skirts.

Man: passionate, unpredictable, masculine, offers unimagined pleasure. Jealous and perverse. Difficult to control sexual energy, a portrait of his wife durable ready for surprises and challenges. In the ecstasy of biting, nipping, rapidly penetrates the woman.

Erogenous zone: The most sensitive part of the genitals, reacts to light touch.

Ideal partner: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer.

Wife: Open, honest, friendly, with a strong sense of humor. Talk openly about sex and not to engage in exciting erotic adventure. In his youth experiment, the maturity of the price-quality relationship, in which besides having sex with a partner cherishes friendship. Enjoys to make love in the open, under the open sky. She needs freedom and contact with nature. Previous to her passionate kisses and caresses the hips and thighs, as well as in the hair.

Man: A bright, interesting interlocutor, wants to fall in love, or fears of intimacy. Primarily price personal freedom. The game of conquest and foreplay to excite him more than the act of tradition. He loves erotic games, especially mutual massage the body of the body.

Erogenous zone: Kisses on the inner thighs is the tide of passion.

Ideal partner: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Wife: restrained, at first glance, cold and distant. Below the icy surface lies a volcano of passion that is flaring up over the years. Full sexual maturity reaches middle age. Then the self-confident and has no fear of rejection. A man who penetrate her sexual nature abound satisfaction. Likes prolonged lovemaking and it needs a robust man. Not for long foreplay but fiery contact.

Man: serious, successful, loyal, provides security. Attracted to intelligent women of which expects more than sex – reliability and support. It has great sexual energy and is ready to partner d leads to orgasm. It is durable, persevere until we meet.

Erogenous zone: Massage lower spine awakens repressed erotic fire.

Ideal partner: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio.

Wife: friendly, open, intelligent, creative. Search ideal partner and relationship, because in his youth inclined to study. In middle age is more aware of its quality and indulges in sex with the consumption. Imaginative and original, experimenting in search of satisfaction. It is believed that a man’s brain is the main erotic body. Prone to pillow-which bewilder partners. For her there is no taboo.

Man: Passive, expected to take the initiative partner. His wife initially interested as a person, and later erotic. Patiently wins and loves long foreplay. When you reach the excitement, passion manifested in an imaginative way. Attracted by the exotic erotic experiments and experiences.

Erogenous zone: the leaves are sensitive and articles – touch them with your tongue, lose control.

Ideal partner: Aries, Gemini, Libra.

Woman: Feminine, sensual, intuitive and romantic. On the coquettish way emphasizes feminine charms and attracts men. He dreams of eternal love, which is why the youth easily disappointed. Only when you have experience how to recognize Mr. Right. The bed is susceptible to suggestions. Easily accepts suggestions for new partners poses and unusual experiences. Strive to meet partner and believes in love nothing is forbidden.

Man: Emotional, unstable and passionate. Attracted by the changes, seduction, and also tends to emotional stability. A dreamer who reads poetry, calls for a walk in the moonlight. When he falls in love becomes submissive. It excites the fantasy of the dominant woman mistress.

Erogenous zone: Feet fish are sensitive, they caress and love, inflame their imagination.

Ideal partner: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn.