ASTRO FEARS: What is that which the signs of the zodiac terrified? Do what you’re afraid of and fear will disappear …..

Do what you’re afraid of and fear will disappear, says one wisdom. But first we need courage to face your fears. Let’s listen to what he says the voice star.

RAM fear of defeat
At leadership skills, you are brave and never stand still. Your sign is managed by Mars, the planet of action and energy, which is why you are a big fan of challenges, contests, competitions and you always have to be first. The feeling that you are at the top can not be measured with any other, regardless of whether you do some intellectual or physical work. Your greatest fear is the fear of defeat, though reluctant to admit it even to themselves. You’ll always try again and again, until you take a win, whether it is a sports competition or any type of effort. Remember that sometimes it is important to participate and not only surpassed, and the defeat should accept sports.

BIK is afraid of changes and surprises
Sign your money managed by the planet Venus, which is why your financial security is paramount, everything else is just an upgrade. However, your ruler symbolizes love, why you is extremely important and emotional life. And when everything is just right, both on an emotional and professional levels, and fear of change and reluctant to accept them. Fear of situations in which something needs to “cut through the knee,” or to make decisions in a hurry, because they do not like risk. This could lead to you losing your property, or the person you love. Also, you are aware that the strife and conflict will not resolve but only deepen the problems with the environment, but apparently conciliatory by protecting our interests, because they fear that someone might endanger them.

GEMINI fear of loneliness and isolation
Your sign is managed by Mercury, the planet that symbolizes communication and information, so your waking eye nothing can slip. About all you’re always well informed and always you where something is happening. If you love action and socializing, but the fear that someone might cut you to communicate with those you care about, be it on business or emotional relationship. It scares you to think of the disease that might prevent you from where you want to travel. Fear of loneliness and focus on yourself in you can cause a real panic. Those that are trying to “nailed” to a place or a job make you quite nervous, which is just a step to fear.

RAK fear of fear
Representatives of your characters are influenced by the moon, the symbol of emotions, subconscious and changeable moods. Although you are by nature wary and difficult to open, your emotions are strong and hot, so that once they came bursting out of you like a tide. You are always worried about something and still be afraid because of the change of time, bad news, because of the children, partners, parents, or because you are the boss looked at askance. While all this may upset you, do not cease to care for your home and family. However, protecting your loved ones and from the non-existent danger, you are not even aware that this is beginning to be hampered. Then expect attention in return for what you do for them. Also, you is deeply rooted fear of the unknown and magic.

LAV is afraid of public ridicule
Representatives of your characters are under the influence of the sun, the symbol of honor and reputation, which is why you have to be on one of their special “pedestal” in order to feel good, that is the way you feel you deserve. Approval, praise and applause environment affect your sense of security, as well as your pride. Can not stand that someone ignore or be in the background. Deep down you fear that someone might publicly make fun of you, no matter if it is a bit of a little thing or things. It scares you that someone does not think you’re a coward or not you believe those who leave in the lurch. Fear of ridicule environment can be the surface to pull one of your properties that do not proud of – envy, arrogance, self glorification …

VIRGO fear of losing control
The common perception was that the representatives of your characters so neat to fear of clutter and dirt, because you are managed by Mercury. This is the planet that symbolizes detail and perfectionism, especially if it is in your sign. However, your real fear refers to the fear of losing control over themselves and their loved ones, because they see it as their duty without which you lose invisible strings “duty supervisor”. Because no one like you did not know how all of that notice and to act preventively and to simultaneously hold a lesson on how the environment is cleanliness next to godliness. However, life has another side, one imperfect, but you feel better when you allow yourself to relax a little.

SCALE is afraid of scandal
Manages your sign planet of harmony, Venus, which is always a bit afraid of disputes and quarrels, particularly the scandal. Do not you feel good when you know that there is a possibility that a conflict with someone. Previous to you when you feel understanding and support of the environment, because you represent the seventh zodiacal sign symbolizing relationships with others. However, thanks to the innate gift for diplomacy, easily troubleshoot potential misunderstandings, which does not mean that you are “immune” from conflict with others. If necessary, understand arguments to come to grips with those who attack you. However, they often give in and when should you show your teeth, all in the name of peace. For you, it is better that negative emotions are not under control.

SCORPIO fear losing power and aging
Influenced you Pluto, the planet of power and charisma, however, like to dominate and keep everything under control. The important thing to you is that you are at all times fully aware of the situation, whether it’s business or emotional relationship with the partner. Everything you do is teach to the end, because to you no protection. Either you love or you hate, you are made of extremes. You’re not a fan of surprises and hardly deviate from their positions. Although you are very brave and attracts you risk, deep down you fear the loss of power, especially on the sexual level, but fear of aging and, although reluctant to acknowledge. However, thanks to its power of regeneration after a lost battle booting from the ashes like a phoenix.

SCORER fears of violence and injustice
Your ruler Jupiter, the planet of all higher, stronger and your fears. Although it has given you a pronounced sense of justice and high ideals, fear of those that you and others can cause pain or from which you can experience the humiliation and injustice. You abhor treachery, intrigue and intrigue that can help make life quite difficult, especially in business. Therefore, you are more cautious than they seem at first glance. Subconsciously shy away from government representatives and uniformed people, though they’ll rarely show. Afraid and insights that you can get if you a little “poked” by your partner’s past.

CAPRICORN fears of loss of status and money
Your sign manages strict Saturn, the planet of endurance and perseverance, which is why you are very disciplined. Very important is that high positioning on the social scale, but also to have adequate financial compensation. Your resourcefulness and professionalism are best expressed in the context of professions that deal. Many of the best things do alone, without help, because you have the most confidence in yourself. Therefore, never let you find yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable position in society and your finances. Fear of losing honor that by yourself with nothing can not be measured because there is no such price that could be paid.

Aquarius is afraid of losing respect
Your sign managed volatile Uranus, the planet that symbolizes changes, surprises and circumstances that can not be influenced. Therefore, you never know how the situation will proceed. Emphasized at will, and you’re very independent, so you hardly affected. In everything you do leave their authentic character. Because of your righteous nature and high ideals always somehow find yourself in situations when someone needs your support. Among the other mainly differ in their attitudes, beliefs and rules by which you live. However, whatever you do to fear of losing respect, whether it is a professional reputation, social status or respect for the family.

FISH are afraid of loneliness
You are sensitive, emotional and very intuitive, which easily “read” other people in your environment. Your sign is managed by Neptune, the planet of intuition, imagination and inspiration, but also a deception. Therefore, you are prone to wander into some of your imaginary world where everything is much nicer than in reality and where everything is possible, especially when your emotional life is at stake. Because for you life has no real meaning without love, which gives you a much needed sense of security. It scares you the thought that you could run out of emotional support partners. If you do not have a partner, fear that it may never even find. The real “cure” for you lies in professions that have to do with art.