ASTRO: Fire Signs mountains of passion … This type of people are characterized by remarkable energy and turbulent emotions!

This type of people are characterized by remarkable energy and turbulent emotions. They are quick to anger, even quicker forgive. They are adventurers with enormous energy. They are physically very strong and others are a source of inspiration. They are always ready for action. These are intelligent, self-conscious, creative and idealistic types. Their strong fire makes the world both in good and in bad.


The man – they were the first. Do not admit defeat and concentrated on conquest. He takes the initiative, but his hasty decisions sometimes. He’s a great adventurer and extreme sports resorts. Such is the emotional level. He has a passion guiding star. When he wants to achieve something, there is no force that will stop it to happen.

The woman – sometimes could be characterized and rough. This woman is a very pronounced libido. She gives the impression of a woman who knows what she wants. It is not disputed that take the initiative, but when refuses to know how to do it very blunt and direct.


Man – His ego is huge. Lion Man overwhelmed with ease. His appearance is fascinating and it is impossible to resist. Taking the element of fire, there are very inflamed passions. When he loves loves like no other sign. But if you hurt his vanity, the more you will never look the same way.

The woman – These are very dedicated to women, as a partner, and their children. She was born to be the center of attention and is very agreeable to her expensive gifts. Her appearance has to fascinate. Bitan her social position and the other must zanaju that it belongs to the best.


The man – an adventurer who do not practice a stable connection. He is elusive, but because of their emotional shallowness can be reckless. Can often give the wrong signals because of its openness and communication purporting to be flirting.

The woman – a girl Taurus is very independent and is considered completely equal with men. However, although she does not like anyone in the world wants to be in command of protected and does not like weak men can even be very obedient to the man who knows how to put her down on the ground when needed.