ASTRO-fist on the table: When you represent the authority?

“And mom and dad and my brother two, neighbor’s dog …”

Is it for you the authority of a parent, an acquaintance or a celebrity? Or do not believe in authority, except when you’re trying to be another authority?
Zodiac determines who will be the sign of your “main” and you make sure the stars and right this time.

RAM is loyal to his superiors at work, but it is the highest authority – mother. Is related to the family and respect the hierarchy, and respect everyone’s parents – to be recognizing in law and mother in law. Aries is a patriot, but he admires successful politicians, but respects the scientists and professors who have succeeded abroad.

BIK is a family character that respects tradition. Resistance to change and a slave to habits, but for him the authority of each – only it is important to be admired. Whether it’s athletes, artists or journalists that all doors are open.

Apart from self-centeredness, another disadvantage of the twins is impatience. The highest authority for them because the people who are self-sacrificing, compassionate and noble, because it will hear and help anyone who needs it. They respected physicians, veterinarians, social workers and psychologists, and admire the creative to your imagination into reality.

RAK has the support of the largest authority – parents and partners, but are impressive and the people in the (businessmen and diplomats). This sign is known for changing the mood, but so admire people who engage in stressful and dangerous professions – surgeons, journalists, politicians, statesmen and sportsmen.

LAV is mainly the authority of others, or attract people who are affluent and financially secured. Impress by bankers and businessmen. It crouching child who admires scientists, researchers, detectives and archaeologists …

DEVICE are people who always know what they want, think far in advance and do not like surprises. Therefore, as soon communicative and witty person. Dive to private entrepreneurs, as well as guidebooks, travel writers and musicians.

Nice but closed SCALE has high standards, pricing, tradition and family values, and therefore its highest authority – father. She wants from life only the best, but her authority stable, essentially loyal, stable and loyal person. They predominate top statesmen and scholars.

Passion is the driving force scorpion, and she is unconditionally loyal to those he loves. Impresses her glamorous and successful people who climb high on the social ladder, whether it is the top artists or athletes.

STRELCI are ambitious and studious, but can be excellent polemicists or enthusiastic dreamers. The highest authority for them to have people dealing with psychoanalysis. The width of their spirit and deep knowledge of various skills is what impresses them.

CAPRICORN directs attention to the sophisticated and educated persons who have diplomatic tact. Therefore, for it truly authorities people who respect and implementation of laws in the job description – lawyers, attorneys, judges, all of which are impartial and righteous.

Aquarius likes to be first in everything, and therefore indicates the greatest respect for those who know where the “gold wire” and are able to create money out of nothing. Most are afraid of the authorities that someone can have over her, but she impressed members of the police, as well as people who know what others do not know.

Vanity and inantne FISH seriously motivated, according to Cosmopolitan, although phlegmatic act distracted. People open minded and adventurous spirit perceive as the greatest authority – adventurers, travelers, composers, directors, actors and fashion designers – all those whose imagination is boundless.