ASTRO FITNESS AND DIET: To perfect figure using the signs of the zodiac … Device despise obesity. What are you?

If you are excessive in food, should give you a Taurus dominated horoscope. Device despise obesity. What are you?


Although you have good genetics and metabolism, you have the stage when you do not pay attention to what and how you eat. However, you pay attention to fit and you are very active. Understand themselves to impose a radical diet. Vama is not responsible diet, but a good source of protein is essential.
Red meat and raw vegetables provide a good source of vitamins. As far as spices, cinnamon and chili suit your temperament.


As in all the worldly pleasures, you are incontinent when it comes to food. You are the most gourmet of the zodiac, and to you, the rule is “time to love leads through his stomach.” You tend to cultivation since solace in the bad moments are eating.
Fitness and sport are essential to speed up your slow metabolism. Cereals should be an integral part of your diet. Avoid sweets, sugar and spicy foods.


Your constitution is the envy of the environment. By nature, you are slender, you can maintain a form of long walks and brisk walking. Since you are not a person who loves to cook, take care not to fall into the trap of fast food and ready meals.
The insert your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, and white fish. Rosemary, as a spice, has a beneficial effect on your respiratory system.


You are not there better cooks. All access emotionally, and this is reflected through your diet. Anxiety and stress are reflected in your digestive tract.
It would be desirable to introduce another food source of protein than meat. Kim is excellent as a condiment, and use it often.


Vama health is synonymous with thinness, thus claiming a great deal on a diet. You must be careful when it comes to your heart. So, you need not follow all of the fun which serves caviar and champagne.
Bring in your diet foods rich in iron. Olive oil and saffron are ideal for your metabolism.


You are the type of person who carefully monitors all shows and reading magazines about healthy eating. You are an advocate of healthy living. For many of you this text will not reveal anything new.
Keep up the good habits and meals at a certain time. Organic food is your choice.


Nature has given you the perfect material but many envy you how much candy you can eat, and that you do not have a problem with excess weight. However, you must pay attention to the kidneys. Do not fall under the influence of the modern diet.
Fruits and vegetables are an important source of potassium for your kidneys. Think of fibers that are useful for increasing endurance.


From time to time you forget to eat. Do you have a spindle-shaped structure, and your child are not necessary. You belong to a guy in record time can lose weight.
You favorite spicy food flavorful. Bring in nutrition oil pumpkin seeds, it is good against constipation.


Your need for hedonism can put on the extra pounds. You are someone who is active and enjoys the sport but to compensate. Although, with you, the pounds do not lose too lightly.
Suits eating from all climes, because as a perpetual traveler, it is interesting to try new tastes.


You choose simplicity. From childhood you are trained to be rational, but also when buying food – be careful about the cost.
You are an advocate of healthy eating. As a typical Capricorn, have a bony structure, but you can import the diet foods rich in calcium and phosphorus. Soups and stews can replace minerals and vitamins.


You are not picky when it comes to food. Aquarius is toward spiritual principles, and eat what is available. Your body sometimes requires a little more attention. Vascular circulation is important to you, then add ginger to your diet. Detox diets are intended for members of this sign.


Your metabolism is slow. You do not have a clear awareness of your body, but fortunately, instinctively compensate for what you need. Understand and be lazy about it occasionally needs to keep the child.
In your menu, be sure that there are fish and seafood. Increase fluid intake and citrus.