ASTRO FLERT: Seduce me, the passion take me …. Come to “mingle”!

Come to “mingle”: who is prone to melancholy, and who simply gets an allergic reaction of loneliness, when daring to express feelings and why Fish senses a Device looking through a magnifying glass, discover in this article.

Within the 12 signs of the zodiac, perhaps the closest description would be if we practiced 4 basic types of temperament and amplified with 3 subspecies, then get a range of actions and reactions. The emotional life of each of us is special and unique story. All we have developed certain criteria, strategies and defense mechanisms in this very important area of ​​life.

This sign is the most direct in approach, all correspondence and meeting. Aries will not howl stories in decorative papers, nor will you provide false promises. With its confident stance, clearly will make it clear what he wants. As a highly potent, representative of this sign will direct you to the bush offer one sex on a “nice blind”. How unimaginative the game of seduction, compensate with the lack of in further meetings. If you realize, of course, because he was a little more busy himself.


Light – this is the key word. Taurus will come up with strategies and methods for days, weeks … On his first step you can wait quite. If you’ve just become the focus of his attention, they understand it as a satisfaction, because its criteria are very high. When he finally ventured the first step, after the excellent dinner with carefully chosen wines, many will go on the offensive “attack”, you will not have time to think and you’ll lose yourself juicy and passionate “Flash”, as under the influence of magic.

He will first notice you, and then instinctively begins to operate his machine to flare vivid imagination. The speed of light he was already close to you, and lo and behold, his hand was accidentally slid down your thighs. Almost always in a good mood, and an inexhaustible source of fun themes. Easy will introduce you to his “story” and you will not be aware that you are walking to his secret hideout.
While you fix the view, you do not even suspect that you stand behind someone else, it is equally, attractive.

If anyone would instead have to flirt with you, negovoj happiness would not be the end. Not that they do not enjoy the game of seduction, but the cancer has a serious fear of failure because it reflects the confidence that it is otherwise in deficit.
If you skip the part where the spill huge amount of shyness, when he’s sure of mutual sympathy, obasuće you nejnežnijim words, kisses and hugs strong.
You will return to the days of the most beautiful feeling of warmth and security of childhood.


Here we have a prudent and self-conscious seducers which will be hard to resist, but at least you will be fascinated by this amount of focused energy. You’ll get the impression that it’s just you wait your whole life. Leo does not recognize failure and each winning access to highly lucrative, where there is no room to resist. He will want a trophy, but not doživljavajte it too personally.
Your task is to be infinitely admire and date to know how he is, in fact, overwhelming.

The typical Virgo is not someone who draws attention to himself his eccentric behavior, nor extravagant dress. To access the game of seduction, she will thoroughly consider all the solutions and make a calculation of whether all worth trying.
It is certain that if even unconscious gesture reject, return no more.
Virgo will conquer the logic of the raid so you will not be clear whether it is in the midst concluding business contracts or goods friendly affection.

This is the most charming sign of the zodiac. If anyone was born as a seducer, then this character occupies first place on the list. In addition to their physiognomy perfect, they have pleasant manners, grace with attitude. They fall into the game of seduction favorite hobby, and for them to receive a form of art.
Libra does not like people to quickly surrender, discounts, and thus shorten the moments of pleasure in the game. It will change a subject of interest, rather than let anyone humiliate interrupting the session.
When wins, she will look for another challenge, because only her to be the motive and driving force. If you do not find in one person, it will take the wind to other challenges.

Stop! On the Scorpio can not remain indifferent. Its tactics of seduction is unsurpassed. Who would take the course in this area, feel free to mentor can choose this character.
It is able to perform the impossible mission to make things as poison finally got under his skin. You feel her presence, and you are not sure whether you mind or a year. Games warm-cold are an essential part of the procedure. Scorpio will leave you confused and u do not know whether you despised or adored.

Sagittarius will so quickly introduce into the story, and you have the impression that you are already on an ego trip. Fascinate with a variety of interesting topics, the capital of the far-flung destinations visited, the sport interesting and current topics for which it has exclusive source.
Bombardier on stories that leave you breathless, with him you will feel like with long acquaintance.
When you feel that you are suddenly upon sufficiently all the themes will be followed by a strike without notice.


Strategy and discipline are the main weapons of Capricorn if he dared to challenge flirting and provided that this does not interfere with business plans. He has no time to engage in areas that can undermine his reputation.
Pžljivo will therefore choose partners and it will definitely be on the “long run”. For this it is necessary to gain complete confidence in you. What should be called seduction, with the Capricorn means very targeted and treated tactic that will last forever.
For starters you will leave your business card.

If you get really surprised with his statements and the means of access, no errors Aquarius you overwhelmed. Radici craziest things would not you fascinated. Let me tell you the most amazing things about the stars and astronomy that have not had a chance to hear.
It is not excluded that it will show the skills of making electronic music, or take you to the strangest places and viewpoints known only to her. Do not even think that this is a romance, it’s just finding the unexplored space and ideas.
If you’re a crazy and unforgettable adventure, you will understand, if in turn resort to peaceful harbors, run headlong, there is a very high voltage!

Seduced rather than deceivers, Fish is still difficult to understand. In their illusions you lose a clear picture of its doživlaja and its expectations. When you looked somewhat dreamy views think that we love this world now in your stomach, but if you pay attention you will see that same look forwarded to everyone in the region.

Fish will be compared to verbal communication rarely applied body, but gently, so you will not feel uncomfortable or you will wonder how such a sudden closeness. Everything will take place so magical that you will be in a dilemma when institutions, and who is conscious. As hypnotized, you will not be clear in which direction you go with this sign.