ASTRO FRKA: What are the four signs of the greatest brawler? Lions pride does not allow to apologize, and the Rams attack directly …..

Lions pride does not allow to apologize, and the Rams attack directly. Make sure that you belong to the category of Spitfire.


When he gets mad remove him out of the way. You rotated bursts of ugly and indecent words, so you will not know what hit you. Rams is not a foreign (not women) to engage in physical and accounts. If he can confront this will enrage him even more, but it will have an effect if you stay indifferent to his outbursts. It’s hard to please him. Care rage minds for quite some time to correct.

As a big talker, Gemini is not alien to enter the larger controversy and debate. They are very nervous and gesturing animatedly while discussing. Most of them can irritate the absence of adverse reactions or camp. He will try to mimic a similar composure and to preserve what little probranosti (im not a “wick” long), and then again with impatience, “set on”. They tend to, when things are improving, and to break just because they are subject to “recalcitrant” and the repair process is not going the way they imagined. Quickly they pass the wave, but i forget why and when they are angry.

When he gets angry, show it, but head held high. The “bill” will not indulge, but will remember for the rest of your life that you confront him somewhere – resented. No maštajte that Leo will dare the first step of reconciliation. Whoever is right, if you want to keep that attitude, you will need you to take the initiative. Unless you do not Lav … Well, then you’re in trouble.

She is a friend for life, a very devoted and loyal, but if you let her down, devoting all the time coming up with adequate retaliation, the ninth circle of Dante’s hell for you. Not only will be paid, but would go to the extent of obsession, because you hurt Scorpio! Do not attempt to apologies, I do not hope for forgiveness. Pray for mercy, and to be as lenient sentence.