ASTRO furnishing Aries craves red accents, Scales prefer harmony, Device appreciate the convenience and comfort

The home furnishing is a leading intuition, some pictures from magazines of the interior, a “fall” on feng shui, and a turn “pie” chart.

If you are in the last group, here’s what astrologers say what color furniture, walls and details of each character to be determined.


Passionate, brave and temperamental Aries no fight no “standing” as a red. With details skerletnocrvenoj and ruby ​​color this fiery character will not go wrong.


Sensual Taurus loves all that is elegant, luxurious, classy and sophisticated. At the same time, it is the earth sign, which stands with both feet on the ground, and is the right choice for him and emerald green hue.


Airy Gemini prefer green and yellow, so, as a flexible character, able to combine these two colors. The combination of the two colors is the right choice because all elusive Gemini quickly get bored.


Purple is the perfect color for a character that is attached to the home and family. Sentimental and emotional crabs to their need for stability and security first realized with furniture and details colored amethyst.


He likes to be the center of attention, attracting the spotlight, but is yellow the most logical choice for his “cage”. But not just any blue, but it is known, gold.


Practical Device feel well in an environment with neutral tones, but are gray, and white pastelnozelena the right choice for them.


Scales prefer sophisticated simplicity and harmony and also benefit from the colors that bring freshness. Green, and shade color jade is ideal for Scales.


Like Aries, Taurus suits ruby-red. They are passionate, volatile and prone to extreme behavior, but the house red agrees with the tempestuous temperament Scorpio.


Freedom and optimism reminiscent of the shooters, a color that enhances these features is purple.


Steady, reliable Capricorn should opt for colors that match its hostile nature of the risks. Therefore, the blue for him a safe choice.


As a Capricorn, Aquarius and likes blue, or for other reasons. Navy blue Vodolijinu boosts intellectual and altruistic nature.


Fish very emotional enjoy the shades of green reminiscent of the deep seas and lakes, as is their nature – mystical and unfathomable.