Astro Gemini: Gemini Relationship with other signs of the zodiac … Gemini, as air sign, very flexible ….

The twins are, as an air sign, very flexible and almost with every sign can make a compromise. Read what is really their attitude towards others.

Gemini and Aries
This energy compatibility brings a great attitude in communication and common interests. Both characters are very distinct temperament, and this combination is not absent action, partying and passionate moments.

Gemini and Taurus
A twin to the Taurus feels a strong attraction, but inconsistent characters do not allow the couple to survive long. Gemini mind Bikova inertia and lack of interest, but in this connection they can be quite monotonous.

I’ll spare you the joke that there are four people in this respect. Versatility is a virtue in this compound, or unstable connection is something that has to be reckoned with. This is about the intellectual stimulus and constant upheavals. Then when it seems that established the fund, that new moments.

Gemini and Cancer
Cancer is a water sign that the world is experiencing profound emotional, and “air” Gemini Intellectual placed above emotions. It could be said that in this combination there are similar themes, but different temperaments. However, twins are in the eternal pursuit of “mother”, and Cancer is the best choice for this option.

Gemini and Leo
The combination suggests a perfect friendship. They both love to babble to death. Although romantic temperature can be lukewarm for a fiery lava so that Gemini has no place in the heart of a lion. They are too unsteady for Leo necessary admiration which is in continuity.

Gemini and Virgo
Although connects them shared the planet, the only common feature is the clarity of mind. Twins prefer the fun, too superficial relationships and connections, while in Virgo strictly defined objective and the rules of life. The same is reflected in the sexual relationship.

Gemini and Libra
This compound is compatible. Two “air” elusive and fleeting nature. Both signs love entertainment and as a combination of going through life’s memorable moments. After them write books and scripts for movies. They each other is passion. However, when real life sets problems, each “run away to your mother.”

Gemini and Scorpio
You live on completely different planets. Both characters have the ability to read people, on opposite ways, but that’s as old comics reject. While the Twin Towers Scorpio confuses her secrecy, thus accelerating their libido. However, it is difficult to withstand the pressure to Byzantium Škorpijske possessiveness and jealousy that systematically develops during the connection.

These are two opposite characters that have more characteristics in common than one might assume. The twins are the masters of “lower mind,” while the shooters “higher intellect”. This communication is highly expressed and these two characters perfectly understood verbally. May commence billion project. The junction of these two characters is an ideal combination.

Gemini and Capricorn
This circuit can i like to present: composing music producer ’70s soul, funk with electronic elements. And you’re trying to find more contradictions, not to succeed. Gemini is versatile and restless, a Capricorn cautious and conservative. Do you see the possibility of survival of this connection (provided that the general and come to it)?

Gemini and Aquarius
In this context there is unsurpassed energy. Sexual intercourse can be a fantastic feeling to astral projection. This pair of aspiring friendly relationship with the “benefits” to our mutual satisfaction. No one here can not tolerate that his freedom is threatened. Perfect assembly.

Your relationship depends on the momentary mood. Both signs are twice as symbolized by indicating some irreconcilable internal disputes. Extreme principles of harmony. Or has it to perfection and is so impaired that seriously endangers prosperity. Passion is not the issue, but it is happening or at first sight and will never exist.