ASTRO-gossip: Get on the basis of date of birth of what your friends are silent about what I REALLY THINK ABOUT YOU!

Nowadays life imposes too many obligations and often do not have enough time to pay attention to family and friends. Therefore, we are not even aware of what your friends really think of us, what are silent about – and what make us happy “Sasu”. Read, based on horoscope sign, what’s the story about you behind your back.


You have plenty of good ideas and your every move is like magic. But understand that other people have some ideas and it would be awesome to them from time to time let them excuses. It would not be bad to impomogneš to achieve them. Friends are always there for you, but if you’re there for them?


Stop for a second and think about their actions. Super is that you know how to communicate well with nature and animals, or how it would be to start talking to people? Silence will not lead you anywhere, especially not improve friendship.


If you make a promise, if you can stick to that promise? You’re funny, and that’s great, but it would be good to be a little less odd. Friends will stop and call and call them all the time because ispaljuješ.


Reduce whining. OK, people care about you, your friends are concerned if you are not well and look forward to when you’re happy, but you’ve got to chill. Not everyone at all times to know how you feel, but at the same time do not take account of how the people around you.


Watch this miracle – the world does not revolve around you! Shocking, is not it? Your friends love you and think you’re fantastic, but they have their own lives. It would be nice of you to listen to them, that they let me say something, not constantly talk about yourself.


You’re being too hard on yourself. Such dose of self-criticism, you really did not need it. Friends and love and try to convince you how wonderful it will be, learn to appreciate it.


Friends appreciate your commitment to justice and balance. However, we would like to sometimes bring faster and bolder decisions. The constant fluctuation is very irritating.


Everyone is aware of how much talent you have, especially how’re fantastic in bed. However, reducing the experience to control and possessiveness. You’re starting to scare people around you.


Slow down. It’s fantastic that you’re always on the go, but sometimes it seems like you’ve committed a serious crime and have to run out of town. It’s frustrating when someone tries to achieve something more than casual contact with you because you never know where you are and what you have tremendous responsibilities.


We’re not all so perfect like you, would not it be nice to leave us a little alone and to ignore the fact that we are not the same. When the radio a little less and a little more time relaxing and surrounded by friends you’d realize how good imperfections.


Your friends might accuse winter in how you behave, but since you’re flying and cold and somehow too independent, it has nothing to do with the season. Let the people you approach a little closer to see how unique and spectacular.


You’re a work of art and constantly say some wonderful gifts and favors to friends, but you are often too distracted. Try to be a little more focus on what you from doing at that moment.