ASTRO gossip: Who are entrusted, and who does not know how to keep secrets …. Who is inclined to intrigues, scandals …..

Who is inclined to intrigue, scandal, when he can not keep a secret, who likes to gossip? In short we reveal the typical characteristics of each sign of the zodiac …


Sharp on the tongue, and very direct. Aries is able to “poured” in the face of what he thought, ignoring thereby the consequences. On the other hand, he expects the same “fire” by others. A member of this symbol does not tolerate lies and flattery, but is not aware that his attitude could hurt others.


Bulls tend to find other flaws, but that about it endlessly with stories that glass. He was not malicious because it receives criticism and suggestions of others alike. Certainly he would blindly adhere to their beliefs, but the positive side is that the Taurus, in as much as he can entrust, keep your secret to the grave.


Here is a better “bite his tongue” before you start talking. Caution when it comes to twins, because they are not wise to entrust. They just do not know how to keep secrets, not even their own. The continuing need for sensation, does not allow them to good stories do not share with others.


The constant changes of mood, if you decide to entrust the air, you have to choose the moment. Otherwise, you may encounter a wall of misunderstanding and your intimacy can be presented at a public discussion. As much as I sympathized with you, Leo will not need to divide your problem to your friends and family.


This character is definitely not on yourself. To expose, will use its own privacy, but also those who are close to him. It often goes to the limits of the scandal, and then brutally defends his views, telling how the environment is not acceptable that sociological still OK. Glory does not choose the cost and resources.


If you decide to entrust to the Virgin, count on endless criticism and analysis on its side. Do you talk to stay with you in this case is questionable. If you are not sure, consult with someone whose opinion price. Members of this sign are real informants, and hence from its base can be drawn and some of you just as you are hoping for, but it goes in your favor.


Nonchalantly through life with the attitude of “it’s all for the people”, will be considered the home if you use your secret fun. She has no malice, and it will be just part of the game of life. Libra gives it an artistic touch, but will in problematic situations have the same perception.


If you entrust Scorpio, reckon you did the right thing. Mana is only in the fact that you will not pat on the shoulder, but will give the whole situation even darker note. However, be sure that your secret tucked away in the right place. Even if it is thwarted, it will not be used against your intimacy you will find it more appropriate for some weapons.


To make life more exciting, Sagittarius will be a participant of intrigue, and all that is to his detriment. If you confide in him, you will not get further advice from that “life goes on”. You will be dedicated enough to forget the conversation as soon as he turned the other way.


These are loyal friends, but these same enemies. Nobody wants a more rational approach to your problem, but discretion will undoubtedly be guaranteed. One must not take off, however, with a mind that always takes a Capricorn “commission”. You definitely have to find a way to get revenge him.


Secrets of the unnecessary burden of the people, it is Vodolijin attitude. Propose you to share your intimacy with anyone because motto is be yourself with no place for censorship. Maybe you just hold that in itself seems genuine. In this story you will feel misunderstood.


When you think that there is no person who has a better understanding and with whom you can share each segment of your life, you have to count fish in society. But be careful not to be manipulated and that you are not dedicated hooked on “thin ice”. Fish will convince you that every experience of God’s gift and how the lessons of all. Fish also tend to create such intrigue of your presentation, but you never get the hang of its motives.