ASTRO GRAY: Three typical representative of characters in the “50 Shades of Gray”

When the characters from “50 Shades of Gray” is dominated by some of the key characteristics of zodiac signs. We have selected three to be incredibly consistent with the characteristics of Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus. A look to understand film to give you a description clearer.

BIK – Karla Mae Vilks – Anastasia’s mother
Though a minor character, which is somewhat typical of Taurus as another sign of the zodiac, the mother of Anastasia style is fully presented this sign. In the fourth marriage, she is devoted to her partner and hardly anything can be separated from the hedonism, which currently enjoys. Conveniently located in a luxurious house with a swimming pool, her focus is to meet your life partner. It takes up less responsible attitude towards the daughter, but is looking forward to her “emotional profitability.”

FISH – Anastasija Style
Complete domination romantic traits. Anastasija dreams of pure emotion, however, as it usually happens with the fish, still find themselves in a strange situation or atmosphere. With the absolute sense of belonging, it is completely surrender and agree to ultimatums in order to conserve partners. Sanja on how to change his habits and life views, firmly believing that such a thing is possible. After physiognomy, Anastasia is representative of Pisces and the planet Neptune. Transparent blue, watery eyes are a feature of this sign.

CAPRICORN – Christian Gray
Features of Capricorn could not be better described than in the character Christian Gray. Ambitious, strictly business oriented, cold and unreachable. But when he really “catches your eye,” it takes more serious form. It is typical for the goat that would govern the contract even emotional status, and is part of the film where he administratively dissociates itself from possible sexual problems, nice presentation of this character.