ASTRO grudge: Do not get angry members of the three zodiac sign, because you WILL NEVER FORGIVE!

Better not angry members of these characters, because if it does do, it will not forgive you a long, long …

If you know someone who is too much of a stickler and many grudges, that person is likely to belong to one of these characters!


Device nothing ever forget! If they’re angry or you’ve done something they did not like it, get ready! Maybe not today or tomorrow, but Virgo will take revenge, or will it switch as long as you live!

Device strive for excellence and perfection, but only in others and tend not to see their flaws. From time to time they need to be “down to earth”. Otherwise, the near friends and receive a desire to simply run away and never come back!


Members of this horoscope sign they see injustice (particularly that caused by them) and when it does not exist and then tend to be nemolosrdne! United are resentful and remember everything like elephants!

Are stubborn, and if they manage to get angry, woe to you! Scorpio are blunt and in anger they do not have hair on his language, so expect a barrage of expletives and the roar of which will be drumming in the ears!


Since the vain, Taurus expects your attention, but because he’s jealous, he’s hard to forgive. If you’re offended – his pride, family, home, friends … expect you to never forget!

With him everything “once and for all,” but if you once “cross out” from the list of your friends no apology no application will not help.