ASTRO-GURMAN: Which cheese works best for you?

Stars help you buy the appropriate cheese.

If the cheese is used as the series’ Alo alo “just plugging your ears when you sing someone who does not know how, but you are in no mood Jerry from” Tommy and Jerry “and all you whether for a snack of good milk products – at the right place.

Sign of the Zodiac affects the taste of your food, but it can also determine which cheeses you like.

Rams are recommended mozzarella and edam cheese in small packages, because it strengthens the energy that leads to great results.

Bulls like order and security, are not prone to change and indecision, it is hard for them cheese the best option.

Exotic cheese from the most luxurious shops in the city awaken the attention of twins conducted by the principle – which dekadentnije, the better!

Crabs are prone to protectionist behavior, however, is a noble French cheese with a hard rind best option for them because it perfectly represents the strength and sensitivity of this character.

Spontaneous LAVOVI adore luxury and drama, so rare goat cheese or expensive cheese from the milk of alpine cows to be the right choice for them.

Meticulous and diligent DEVICE prefer hard cow cheese whose flavor can be complex for a long time to analyze.

LIBRA likes to relax and enjoy the unusual dishes, and they just will not satisfy the cheese – they need the entire meal, such as pasta with sauce of four cheeses.

Quick, decisive and passionate Scorpio wants cheese that will be most similar to it – a mixture of cow’s and goat’s milk with a strong flavor of other ingredients might inflame her palate.

An adventurer like STRELAC loves to travel somewhere and on-site test only produced cheese. He will love for freedom and travel lead to a real treat.

Capricorn is ambitious and disciplined. Perseverance leads to strain and fatigue that likes to settle with a drink, but if some easily accessible high-quality cheese and alcoholic beverages to be the right combination.

Aquarius is sincere and loyal, she likes appetizer that will make the speed of mozzarella, olive oil, tomatoes and fresh basil.

FISH’re compassionate, good and imaginative, are very flexible and suits them the most blue cheese in the form of succulent dishes.