ASTRO HEALTH: Aries headache, toothache tormented the goat-What are the critical points of each sign of the zodiac?

What are the critical points of each sign of the zodiac? Planetary circumstances under which you were born, outline your medical situation that will follow depending on the sensitivity of your sign area.

RAM – Head
According to traditional astrology, often suffer from diseases of the central nervous system and brain. Usually suffer from headaches, sinus. Critical neck, ears and eyes. You suffer from insomnia, neuralgia, cerebellum and tend to hurt his head more often than the other signs of the zodiac.

BIK – Neck
Taurus sensitive parts of the body neck, throat, shoulders, tonsils, thyroid gland, and vocal organs.

Very often suffer from sore throats and permanent thyroid dysfunction, which utieče negatively on weight and sleep, especially those who are ascendant in Taurus.

GEMINI – Ekstrmiteti
They are generally healthy and have a strong body! Well, have a sensitive parts of the body, shoulders and arms. The tendency for nervous diseases. The problems of the lungs and ribs, and women often have a cough, asthma and depression. Some of the twins are prone to fractures of the arm or leg.

Cancer – Breast
Cancer has a sensitive point in the chest while he was worried by the digestive system. Diseases of the stomach, intestinal diseases, sciatica, rheumatism, psychological problems and depression are common. People with the Moon in Cancer are more susceptible to breast disease and women should follow mammography this area.

LAV – Heart
People who are born with the Sun in Leo have a sensitive heart and spine. They tend to circulatory diseases, shoulders, neck and heart. Often painful periods, headaches and depression. Some lions can have high cholesterol.

VIRGO – Liver
People in the sign of Virgo tend to diseases of the liver, kidneys, intestines, pelvis and abdomen.

They belong to the pessimists, time often show a nervous disorder, frequent migraines and headaches, with obsessions, anxiety. Very often they are under stress, but it can cause digestive problems, while women are often prone to problems of the uterus and genitals.

SCALE – Kidneys
Kidney disease, vascular system, the intestines, abdominal and pelvic pain. Women usually have symptoms of nausea, headache and, in particular during the menstrual cycle. Most have an innate inner ability to relax, avoiding stress.

SCORPIO – Genitalia / Prostate
People in the sign of Scorpio have a higher level of physical sensitivity and energy of the other signs of the zodiac. Genitals, nose, menstrual cycle in women, prostate in men and diabetes, their problems. Problems with the genitals caused by their obsession with sex.

SCORER – Thigh
Zodiacal parts of the body have their sensitive points on the thighs and hips, especially females, who usually tend to put on weight in these areas. Due to its high enthusiasm are prone to alcohol. Sagittarius charged liver and causes želudačane problems and tendency to diabetes.

Sensitivity and knee movement. Usually prone to stress, and this negative utieče the process of digestion, constipation and abdominal pain. He is prone to rheumatism, problems with teeth and a tendency toward skin diseases. Tangible gains facilitates their every burden.

People with Sun in Aquarius, is often unpredictable. The ruling planet is Uranus, utieče enough physically to the sensitivity of the lungs and eyes. Many Aquarians suffer from sprains, knee pain and fractures. Often you will have to check for blood.

FISH – Feet
Sensitive point of their stroke. They have a predisposition to lung disease, heart and circulation. Many times Fish suffering from mental health problems and depression. their innate characteristics of idealism, often leads to extreme alcoholism and drugs.