ASTRO HEALTH: Check whom it belongs …. Fire signs have the most energy, the vital air, water, the emotional, and the earth are durable ….

Fire signs have the most energy, the vital air, water, the emotional, and the earth are durable. Accordingly, we shall present to the health factors that should be paid attention to and what kind of food used.

Fire signs Aries / LAV / SCORER

Fire government internal organs. A good metabolism which the food is perfectly absorbed and digested, have members of the fire signs. Fire effect on the clearing of toxins, bacteria and viruses, since these characters are subject to high temperatures, which are transient in nature. Lightly fight against the disease.

However, an excess of fire contributes to other forms of discomfort. Impatience and stress can manifest as hypertension, cardiac and cardio-vascular diseases, ulcers and Mayor processes.

If the fire is less present, your immune system to fight harder against common colds and viruses. Digestion and absorption of food are inadequate.

Let your diet is rich in cereals, root vegetables, herbs, such as valerian, chamomile and mint, a digestive stimulant use of cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

Air signs Gemini / LIBRA / AQUARIUS

Air governments nervous system, circulatory, FUNCTION movement and respiratory organs. Born in the air signs are easily stimulated and sensitive perception, so easily thrown off balance. Excess air leads to hyperactivity, sensitivity of the nervous system and mental exhaustion. Air signs often have dry skin, hair and mucus membranes. Insomnia and memory loss can also be key issues.

When the element of air low present no difficulty with the flow of energy through the body, a lack of calcium and magnesium.

Eat raw foods, oats, in any form, use enzme that encourage proper absorption of food, yogurt and ginkgo.

Water signs Cancer / Scorpio / FISH

Element Water Government reproductive organs, bodily fluids, including blood, mucus and lymph. Water says waves and cool the body. Aqueous means are sensitive to the environment, especially to bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Health problems generally have a strong emotional component. They generally absorb all the negativity of others. Tend to attach importance to the problem more than necessary. Their health problems are repeated in cycles.

If there is a surplus of water leads to slow digestion and slow metabolism. Further, this may be manifested through cysts, tumors and islands. Also, excess water causes a problem with obesity.

On the other hand lack of water creates the problem of cleaning the body of toxins. Dehydration and sleep problems were also missing epilogue of this element.

Wheat, rice, oats, seaweed should be on the menu at watermarks, a natural diuretics carrots and celery.

Earth signs Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn
Country Government skeletal system. The earth element is essential for growth, reproduction, and tissue regeneration. Overeating and food ingredients difficult create excess of this element and inclined in tumor growth and hormonal disorders. They often have strong and beautiful teeth. Their strength lies in perseverance and endurance.

Excess earth element creates a problem with weight. Digestion and metabolism are slow. Sclerosis, tumors and hair growth are typical of surplus land.

Lack earth element tends to ignore his own body with a complete lack of instinct for primary needs. They need more sleep than other elements.

Foods necessary for earth signs are vegetables, seasonal salads, sprouts, unrefined grains, olive oil.