ASTRO HOT TIPS: Which is the best sign of hiding lovers?

Do you know who loves experimenting in bed, and who is romantic?

Now you no longer have to count outings to go to bed to find out what is in bed man who intrigues you. It is enough to know when he was born, and the stars will tell you how you can spend in his arms …

Aries is prone to too hastily uses his sexual energy, not long to think what impression it leaves on you. They find it one of the best lover among the zodiac signs. As well as excellent knowledge of anatomy, is easily observed erogenous zone partners. He is ready for anything, it was not anything strange. He was always open to in crucial moments to be determined. All poses are his favorites.

Do not believe the bulls are acting calm and confident in yourself. They are very shy, but, fortunately for them, the environment is often interpreted as calm. Their shyness in the chart indicates the Month, which is also an indication of their potency. If well aspected, you’ll be a very lucky with such a man beside her. Otherwise, with your encouragement, everything will be perfect. Most like when you’re at it.

GEMINI physically acting tame and intellectually, but our people clearly shows – under the World Resources hundred devils! If you decided to take you to the intimacy of his apartment, it will certainly do that. On the refusal does not recognize. If it is a double twin, it will be the best sexual experience in life. It is imaginative, sensitive and he was very keen to find out in detail what you love. Let you know what it feels good. They should not be missed.

Amorous crabs are always ready for sex, rare are the moments when you do not think about it. But for every person with whom the establishment of a physical relation as to love. The great romantics and dreamers often. Also, many experts are of the female body and a true artist in love. Erogenous zones have their ears.

LAVA will be hard to persuade to have sex outside the comfort of a bedroom, if that happens, it means that over his sexuality have great power. Magnetic is appealing and is not immodest to say that no woman was able to resist him. Erogenous zones are widespread him, but he likes strange postures in which you can observe. He was most anxious that you enjoy as much as he did.

DEVICE belong to the feminine part of the population, but they are very potent and have a very similar taste to female members of his character. Apart from that it is a really maza, he is ready to meet, regardless of how much it could use it. Devoted lover in every way. When loves, it’s the most wonderful in the world.

The most beautiful smile in the balance is, and the other qualities are very much good. With age it becomes lazy as a lover. Fortunately, it’s easy to inspire, loves compliments and they are an aphrodisiac. You will need to often listen to him, because he alone has the answers to all the problems, but it’s worth attend, you might learn something. They are divided into several groups, those who patronize minded and not so good lovers, and the latter – a little selfish, but satisfying.

Scorpio symbolizes sexuality, eroticism and all manifestations of physical love. Even his ancient astrology gave the place of honor best lover. There are few men of Scorpio who donated all her emotions a woman. In his life there are always at least two at a time. With this you have to calm down if you fell in love with him too, which is not difficult in view of his piercing look and sex appeal which simply radiates. When he found a partner that his overall style is very faithful and loyal.

SHOOTER characterized children’s curiosity. If you have less than 30 years, do not count on his loyalty. The worst is that he considered an experiment, not fraud, so that about it is not worth to talk. Believe me, he will continue unchanged loves. Many promises but rarely fulfill everything he says, so it’s nicer for short runs and flirting. The potency of his less than you think.

Do not expect from that JARC you showered with gifts and flowers, it is far too rational, but if you want someone who will be next to you when the worst, he is the right man for you. His sexuality depends largely on other factors which dominated the time of birth. For quality sex needs a steady partner beside him feel relaxed.

Aquarius has an extensive intellectual arrogance and rejects many of his otherwise very attractive exterior. Eccentric and emotional level. Aquarians have a different and very specific taste in choosing partners. Sometimes even they are not sure what they were attracted to a girl. The perfect lover and really enjoys sex games. Even when I do not give up sexual relations.

FISH are very responsible. No scams they are not parties, but because they will never neglect family. They belong to a very gentle and desirable lovers. They say that a woman who was not related to a man a fish does not know what real sex, although they themselves most enjoy sex when someone honestly prefer. They can be very fickle and elusive when you least expect it.