ASTRO HOUSEHOLD: Device captures the hysteria if eve trail of dust, Cancer enjoys the culinary arts

It is not our fault if we all tend to household chores – blame the horoscope. What is your relationship to the household?


Aries woman is not born a slave, and to forget. Of course, there are certain things that need to be ” under the thread ” in the home to enable to easily and without loss of time find their stuff, but that’s all.


This is a slave and lover! She wants to take care that everything is fine and “clean”. Otherwise not quiet. If you have a lot of work or time is limited, they are able to sacrifice sleep and rest, to the house kept tidy.


When you decide to do the housework, will focus on the smallest details. The rest, to be sure, not an end. Guide for some time to maintain the account that her imaginary line, and then again and again.


For female Cancers house is her personal paradise. Here things have to be flawless. However, housework bored her, or I’ll cook with pleasure and love.


The wife of Leo will go to his housekeeper and check. She wants her space to be flawless. The greatest emphasis will be put on the bathroom that needs to shine.


Device for primary hygiene. She is aware that any possibility of germs in the home area can contribute to the deterioration of health. It spends most of its energy on cleansing and disinfection.


She is a regular with the housework. Bar on the field Scales very organized. It enjoys the praise guests to her home clean and equipped with great style.


To take into Scorpio is not uncommon that has nothing to do with the kitchen and cooking. As for order and cleanliness, leading to the theory that there are more serious things in life than to chase the dust around the house.


These are women who like to be a fun but to deal with the housework. In addition, the waiting friends. In other respects, too little time at home, and almost nothing do not change.


This is a traditional and meticulous house dominated by modest objects and rustic details. Capricorn wife believes that her role to the best possible care of his family. Her house was always neat and clean.


Every street’s role is poorly spent. The woman Aquarius is developing a patent that deprives women of this burden.


Not in my mind there is no chance of staying in a house that is in disarray. Everything should be in place and clean. However, there are some situations that can be tolerated, and this is their ‘creative mess”.