ASTRO: How to win the man of her dreams-May the stars be your ally in winning the man of your dreams …

Aries, 21 3 – 20 4th

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one that will go a step beyond.
How to manifest feelings: Stormy, noisy, loud and clumsy. In any case – exhibit them. If you said you were the most beautiful woman he had met in his life, does not mean that in five minutes will not meet nicer. When truly loves, then it openly and shows. As long as stuttering, so that he does not know how he felt.
How to win: You will not achieve anything if you offer him all the time, but you have to challenge you to come closer. Confused by conflicting signals! One day you are interested watch, and tomorrow indifferently pass by him. Find a mutual acquaintance Aries to say a few words of praise about your neukrotivoj nature. When you finally ask you out, body language invite him to touch you, but remain untouchable by the third date.

Taurus 21 4 – 20 5th

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one that will be his right hand.
How to manifest feelings: Open, transparent and without fear that it could turn out funny. Taurus seems to gentle touch, gentle words and baby talk in the style of “Cico, kitten, puppy …”, and in return expects that you show your feelings. If you do not manifest emotions, then it means nothing, and do not feel that your emotions do not exist.
How to win: Start a conversation about a sweet themes, and slowly move to the lascivious statement and light flirting. Taurus must not think that wavering between him and someone else. Do everything you can think of, especially what would take your friend exclaimed, “not to”. Take a seductive pose, bring your face close to his, sit in his lap and everything to repeat several times while Taurus realizes that you are serious to be his own.

Gemini 21 5 – 20 6th

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one who will not ask, “where are you going and when you will return.”
How to manifest feelings: If you are drawn into your life so that you met with friends and parents, it means that he really likes you. However, although he cares about you, you know that this does not mean that he is in love. If you do not ask for any service, means that you truly loves.
How to win: Neozbiljni Gemini is a serious player, a favorite toy are words that often passes the people’s trust. It is incurable trader and therefore sell his story to be binding for you to become free. Do not ask that you accountable, but spun telltail network to inform you about his every step. Spontaneous put to him that life with you resemble the adventurous search for the right information and relaxed start into uncertainty.

Cancer 21 6 – 22 7th

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one that will unconditionally love and support.
How to manifest feelings: If you say “do not leave me”, it does not mean he loves you. He just does not like to be left, and is able to survive in a relationship which he does not answer. He can be a lifetime to suffer just to avoid the embarrassment of termination. If instead you wash the dishes, rest assured because it is the love you feel indestructible.
How to win: He loves all natural, natural behavior and natural look to the natural sciences. But, unlike physics and stories of opposites, Cancer believes that just like attracts like. Do not run after him, but izrežirajte that you cross paths accidentally crossed, and he with a glass of red wine, an indication that your soul sister.

Leo, 23 7 – 22 8th

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one that will be admired and potčinjavati.
How to manifest feelings: If gentle and affable, does not mean that he is in love. While courting on shares compliments, but when you conquer, you only get criticism. If you stopped criticizing and started endears you, it is a clear sign that he likes someone else.
How to win: Leo likes to possess material goods, diplomas, letters of thanks, pass and honors. As much as I have always had so little and give him what he lacks. Modesty. Be humble and you will want to conquer. Ask him simple words and sweet voice service that only he, the mighty Lion, can do. As long as he admired you will have a need to be near him.

Virgo 23 8 – 22 9th

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one who will have absolute trust in him.
How to manifest feelings: Do not ever ask him “are you in love,” because it will be thinking about fall out of love, even if he was in love. His arm over your shoulder a sure sign that something feels.
How to win: It lacks a sense of security, loves routine and habit, large račundžija was always against it. When you know what we have, it is not difficult to calculate what to do. Create it a habit to you happiness at the same time in the same place and streets a sense of security, so it will be next to you feel comfortable. Show him that you have a weakness, but you can not take care of yourself. Provide it be against your loneliness so you will spend time with you.

Libra, 23 9 – 22 10th

What kind of a woman’s imagination: O that you will be able to agree.
How to manifest feelings: exhibits emotions when they do not exist. Until tells you he loves you, and continue doing what bothers you, it is unlikely that he spoke the truth. When it starts to bother you in relation both to be happy, it means he loves you.
How to win: Libra can not win! You will need constantly to win because he no love games and flirting can not live! To become the object of his desire, you have to look like a diamond, and to be a cold, sharp, unbreakable, unique, beautiful and glamorous. If you can not praise these precious qualities, then it do not mention his faults and do not contradict him.

Scorpio, 23 10 – 22 11th

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one who will be faithful to him to the grave.
How to manifest feelings: As long as he is in love, he will fall to me that you could be like someone else. When he was not sure whether he loves you, it becomes possessive and jealous
How to win: streamlined appearance, innocent view and bra straps that seamlessly sight under her blouse. Wake detective in it. Make him your research. Place puzzle him by sending half, or challenging information about yourself. Highlight your independence and start unobtrusively to be imposed. Talk about yourself, but not promise anything. Stay vague and he will want to hear the story until the end. Surprise is what it inspires, be afraid over what worries him, criticize what bothers him and will invite you to dinner.

Sagittarius, 23 11 – 21 12th

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one where he will be the center of the world.
How to manifest feelings: If you started to solve your problems, it still does not prove that he loves you. If its obligations postponed because of you, be sure to feel something.
How to win: He is half man, half horse, armed with a bow and arrow. Disarm the truth. I do not imagine the way it is not, do not say you’re interested in what you are not interested and do not claim that what is important to you for what you do not care. You will not whip to tame, but you’ll tame sugar. Tier it for himself only if it is in no way commit and remember: he can live with only one woman who can not live without it. If you would like to be your forever, be sure to call on some exotic trip where you will both enjoy.

Capricorn, 22 12 – 19 1st

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one who will have his career, but also be a great hostess.
How to manifest feelings: Basically they never manifest, but that does not mean it does not feel anything. Do not pull it unpleasant conversations about emotions, rather than allow him to love you in silence, without a word.
How to win: you need: restrained and dignified expression, a little perseverance, patience and gentleness scoop. All to serve with the story of their responsibilities, ambitions and reliable friends whom you worship. Make sure you do not stress on excessive requirements, and be sure to follow his slow pace. The most important thing is to not rush, otherwise you’ll only achieve that he quickly away from you. Embark on to conquer only if you’re persistent, patient and willing to adjust his lifestyle.

Aquarius, 20 1 – 18 second

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one who will understand him, especially his hobby.
How to manifest feelings: Aquarius generally do not express their feelings because they think that love can not prove it, not to say, however, does not wish to participate in meaningless ventures. In addition, Leo himself look foolish in a time when his love.
How to win: Aquarius is a man of the future, and is therefore looking into the distance, but I do not see what his face. He loves people (especially women), but they are hard to notice. If you have a different skin color or belong to a different ethnic group, place them know and they will certainly be interested. If, however, originally not differ much from him, you’ll have to stage the star wars and the clash of two worlds to get you noticed. As soon as you notice, you will immediately be in his heart.

Fish, 19 2 – 20 3rd

What kind of a woman’s imagination: The one that will be able to understand his sensual nature.
How to manifest feelings: If your monologue is inserted after verse does not mean that you love time stated. The fish are difficult to engage in the expression of feelings because they believe that the first indicator of emotional weakness. If he does not change habits that do not fit, be sure that he loves you.
How to win: If you are absolutely sure that you really need a man fish, it will be enough to make him wish and desire will be fulfilled. No, this is not a joke! The fish will win only if you believe in miracles, but keep it if you do not believe in the word. He is sensual, but it does not serve the senses. You’ll see only if it does not cover the aspect, but only if he feels quietly pay. It is a water sign, but you will quench his thirst only when the Soak optimism.