ASTRO HUMOR: How to snore signs of the zodiac … Do not try to wake up the Twin Towers, take a sleeping dogs lie and listen vagina operetta …..

It can be said that Aries winner in this discipline. His snoring is not only loud enough to wake the neighbors from other settlements, but does not lose the constant intensity. So to say, happiness is that you can easily wake them up. But as soon as he falls asleep again expect the film to be set


When this sign is characteristic of ” perfect ”, stubbornly snoring. This means that intense, without changing tonalities. Just do not try to be.


They snore until you try to wake them up. Then they unknowingly stop themselves and only you have turned the other way and comfortably settled, that their songs again.


They just can not sleep without a good snoring. Fiercely to defend yourself if you try to explain to them that in addition to them you can not close your eyes to.


They snore ?! No, that’s impossible. Try to burn them during the night, provided you have the intention to insult them.


Use the same principle as the Lava. You will give them one more reason for concern and analysis of their nocturnal habits.


Loud, almost beautiful, this is the art of snoring. Who would have thought that Venus minds so that trumpet.


So snoring selected tone that simply makes you tired, mind and soul. Beside her forget about your dreams. It’s so long that you’ll beg for mercy.


From lightweight, quite tolerable snoring, to one that is gaining in volume. When they wake up, they ask how much fun it was to listen to them.


Business and decisively snoring. If you wake up, continue exactly where he left off.

While she snore and drool like a fountain. This situation makes it doubly terrible for bedfellows. Welcome to a new era.


Can be transferred to another location and leave it there, because it is not pleasant to listen to it during sleep. When you wake up and think as if it is experienced astral projection.