ASTRO KAMA SUTRA: Lions enjoy pampering, fish are in the ocean of feelings, a cancer that would all take longer

Check that the character has a talent for making love, but in every sense of the word. Discover the erogenous zone of each sign.

Rams are instantly ready and motivated for action. In their foreplay lasts long, are very specific. The passionate nature makes them good lovers, but not with a lot of imagination. Erogenous zone: Deep and strong kisses them incredibly aroused.

Extremely emotional, or in connection with the earth, bulls are perfect lovers. Take care of every detail. Slowly, but surely Taurus will lead to an unforgettable climax. Erogena Aona: Neck and upper back.

Here there is no taboo. All of the question, even though it involves multiple partners or partners of the same sex. What can you eat away the monotony and rut. Erogenous zone: love story during sex.

They are the kings of pats and caresses. How predriga takes them in that manner, so the expectation that the business of sex enjoy it. I do not prefer “love” for one night. Cancer trust plays a key role in the kind of sex will be. Erogenous zones: breast and skin.

Lions need to pamper yourself to exhaustion. They expect maximum attention and admiration of the partners. If one item is missing, you will not get spectacular act only on what he can afford. Erogenous zones: spine part under the breast.

Virgo will never take inivcijativu, since it can not be expected skills in the knowledge of love games. Sam character speaks in favor of it. Erogenous zone: the brain.

Libra should motivate some precious and fancy items such as underwear, silk bedding and the like. She loves the subtle game of seduction and transferred to the zone of sexual relations. She has exquisite taste, and partner must have the best physical characteristics. Erogenous zones: the hips.

This symbol does not need to comment. She guided his instincts naturally talented will affect all of your erogenous zone and provide a surreal pleasure. Erogenous zone: Lower back … Come all!

The shooter was important considerations Partner temperament and spirit. In bed, know how to show impulsivity and neerovatnu passion. They like to change multiple poses during a “round”. Erogenous zone: Sex and yoga, just let it intensively.

Although it gives the impression of a person who has an excessive desire for sex and ICAO is difficult to “pale” when it comes to that big partner’s patience will show what skills are not the movies you have not seen. Erogenous zone: Gentle touch your knees.


Originality is the best description of Aquarius as a lover. Its imaginative outbursts of emotion and strangest desires and fantasies, state partners to lose my mind. She does it in a very unique načun. Erogenous zone: The entire body.

Fish are indestructible romantics and they engage in sexual adventures only from pure emocije.Svojim sensibility and movements know how to impress a partner in bed. Erogenous zone: Foot Massage.