ASTRO KNOW: Did you think no one sees this as “secretly” doing? You’re wrong!

Everyone has a certain life rituals and certain character traits that can not be changed. Some of them may be sympathetic.


The need for adrenaline makes him tense and nervous at times. Because of his temperament Rams have a habit of biting their nails. This work since early childhood and usually do not stop even in old age.

Taurus is a hedonist and phlegm, so it is hard to wake up early in the morning. Usually, the whole family is engaged (if applicable and family) to namolila this sloth stick his one leg out of the bed. This is an ongoing process.

Very versatile and clever, Gemini are intellectual character. He’s interested in all areas and has a lot of information. However, it is sometimes very cumbersome, but its concentration in deficit. These are the people who daily losses after thing. If you’ve ever wondered who could forget the terms of their own child in kindergarten, they are no doubt Gemini.

Cancer is the sign that is committed to family. They are not fans of great fun and the best feel at home. Are inert, their motor skills is underdeveloped, so they tend to be tripping over their own feet. Constant im objects fall out of his hand. It is desirable to be with them at the security distance.

Always eager for attention and applause, the Lions usually have an unnatural position and posture. Sometimes because of the cramp that everyone and every moment like it, may have some unconscious immediately. Unnatural walk with their heads held, and for them is usually said to be “swallowed a stick.”

I myself know that exaggerates the details and clean, but it simply must have asepsol with you. It will be in your home and noticing details that would be corrected, but will not hesitate to mechanically move some items to satisfy her only known law of symmetry.

If you are not able to have the scales Achilles heel. They hairstyles problem that carry a lifetime. This is a character that breaks records retention in the bathroom, of which 90 percent of the time went on arranging pieces. Somehow accustomed to live with it.

Scorpion’s libido is no competition. She loves sex and absolutely imagine if everyone in a positive, whether interlocutor, business associate, partner of her friends … These thoughts are simply unable to get away. It is characterized by compulsive and obsessive instincts.

This is a typical “foot fetish” sign. He does not hide his affinity and people appreciate the shape of the foot. Why? That he does not know how to explain it.

Partly because of the bony structure, which because they are very skeptical and fear that someone does not take them out, Capricorns are mostly hunched and therefore look older. They live life in fear of losing their money and their time to give a little bit worried and tired expression.


No Aquarians who do not cultivate interest for cars, and is one of their key characteristics punching speed limit. This sign must seriously take into account traffic. Although ideal drivers are not aware that high speed can not be under the absolute control.

Pisces is inherent to go from topic to topic in the conversation. Why you almost never clear what the fish wanted to say? Here’s the answer: In their world twelfth dimensions are assumed to have the ability to communicate telepathically and that their confused talk very clear.