ASTRO KNOW: This is the worst combination of love! What’s yours?

Ono when trying with all his strength, and there is a mutual chemistry, but it just does not work? Well, maybe it’s because your zodiac signs are not compatible. It does not mean that you will not succeed, but you may need to make greater compromises than you might otherwise. However, some will flourish flowers.

Aries does not correspond Gemini, Virgo and Device
Members of this sign are always open to love and new experiences, but often due to rash bet fly into love affairs before they met a good partner. They do not like people who whine excessively, but they can not conquer such a vole confident performance. Worst affair would be the fish that are in them presentimentalne, with Gemini because the relationship is reduced to constant quarrels, even with the virgin that are too complicated for them.

Taurus bad agrees with Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini
Members of this sign is ruled by Venus, which makes them excellent “material” for the link, they truly become only with the right partner, and in the meantime may have a series of meaningless affair. Refuse them gossip and those who are too meddling in other people’s lives. Love worst combination make the shooter who does act for them too libertarian and independently. Poor selection and the twins, who are too restless, the rams that will be used for similar strong will constantly argue.

For twins are bad Taurus, Virgo and Pisces
Members of this sign of sex in nature, but at the same speed is out of love if partner disappoints. Refuse them people that have a common theme, those that are predictable, in their notion of boring. For the Twin Towers is the worst combination of love with the bull, you will not appreciate enough because it can not “monitor” the challenges of life and ambitions. Poor connection and cancer, which is for them too stable and predictable, and Pisces them with emotion known to choke.

Raku is a poor connection with Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius
For members of this sign love is the most beautiful spice of life, and seek a partner who is able to make an effort. Refuse them egotistical partners who do not show enough respect or interest to others. Crabs will be in romantic relationships to get along with the worst shooters despite the large initial attraction as it will appear in the related uncertainty, jealousy and quarrels. Bad the compound and the twins for them too unstable, and rams that are too self-oriented.

Leo does not correspond Gemini, Capricorn and Pisces
Members of this sign harder to feel security in ljubavoj ties, especially that they are your partner in the first place priority. Refuse them people who are constantly worried and so transferred the bad atmosphere, as well as the types of people are prone to manipulation. The worst combination make love with Gemini, for them too lost in thought, and fish that will unintentionally hurt. Bad combination with the ditches, they will Lav compared assume a dominant role, Capricorn will not forgive him.

For the Virgin are bad Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Members of this sign at an early age learn their lessons of love, but with great certainty selected potential partners. However, it is difficult to decide who is permanently linked, and refuse them passive people and those who are not able to take care of themselves. Love worst combination consists of a ram which raises them by the boss, and the scales that are not able to understand the criticality of Cancer. Grave will love it and have the Aquarius, with which the ratio of the constant frictions.

Libra does not correspond to the Virgin, Scorpio and Crab
Members of this sign love the addition of life from which it draws its peace and security. Unrequited love or relationships that do not work them extremely disturbing, and most of them refuse to partners who lie and those who can not be trusted. Scales make bad love connection with Virgo that are too complicated for them, and Scorpio which their nature is too pessimistic. He will not get along with the crabs, because they have too many traditional beliefs about them.

Scorpio does not agree with Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini
Members of this sign are genuinely passion for life and to express the love relationship, harder bonds that will provide them with the true fulfillment. Refuse them aggressive individuals who like to stand out and show. Scorpio is the worst in combination with the Rams, with whom they share temperament which will result in constant quarrels. Nothing better to disagree with Gemini, which will encourage their jealousy, as well as shooters with which they will not feel security.

For Sagittarius is the worst date with Taurus, cancer and Device
Members of this sign and in the love of the water policy of “all or nothing”, but in ambiguous relationships will not lose your head is already playing. Refuse them people who are prone to melancholy and do not know what to do with themselves as well as those that allow them to tailor the fate of others. Shooters are the worst in the love combined with the bulls, for them too possessive, and crustaceans lacking spontaneity. Nothing better than the compound with no virgin to be Sagittarius constantly criticize and make that change.

Capricorn does not correspond Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius
Members of this sign are presented as if love does not matter, no time to defend themselves from disappointment. The meetings act as detectives, and weaning them partners who have no self-control or those who are weaker than them. For the love of Capricorn are bad combination with the Rams, they think that they are too eager and gullible, and the twins because they have no ideals to which they aspire. Nothing better combination is not the shooters, which is related to their display as polar opposites.

Aquarius does not correspond to Taurus, Cancer and Virgo
Members of this sign is not a problem to fall in love, but the love relationship to work so that they do not feel they have lost their freedom or choice. Refuse them people who have had so predictable. For Aquarius love are bad combination with the bulls, because they can not provide stability where bulls weight. Nothing better can not be matched by any of crustaceans, which are a bit boring to them, as well as with Virgo, which require them to bring order into their lives.

Fish is the worst along with Aries, Leo and Gemini
Members of this sign are looking for the ideal partner with whom to have a love a dream, a partner who will refuse them behave irrationally and incomprehensibly and has a superficial view of life. Fish for the worst combination of love with the Rams, who are for them too aggressive and tactless, as with twins who do not have enough understanding for others. He will not get along with lions, which could be manipulated.