ASTRO LAUNDRY: Virgo likes cotton, and halters, crabs wear white washing Koji know a particular zodiac sign shall cease!

What do you know a particular zodiac sign shall cease and what draws them to SRO. Challenging sports cotton cloth or comfort or how to impress your partner, discover here.


Rams like to know the colors, especially orange and red. If you want to seduce Aries, opt for a combination of orange and black satin or silk. Vole and baby-doll style.

The Rams will easily fall and the black garters and stockings with garters, and if they complete high heels, it will be a big hit.

Bulls prefer everything is either very challenging or very childish. Pink and black are their favorite combinations. Women born under this sign love leather high heels, fishnet stockings. Male members of this sign are attracted to women with tattoos and piercings. Some bulls are prone to tying and, cuffs, collars.

Twins have a rather perverse dose by itself. Enjoy sexy uniforms such as nurses, teachers, police officers … A woman in this sign of love and precious kimono or leather leotard.

Women born under the sign of Cancer like long, translucent nightgown, covered with sequins. Favorite color underwear they are green and red, a look of love satin. Crabs prefer whites, and many women born under the sign of Cancer prefer to dress infantile.

Lavice like to know the patterns of tiger, leopard. They are sensual beings who love and a little fur on their skin. Each suit contains a kind of tail or ears, they will be attractive and sexy. They like silk, satin and velvet, ribbons, and models that are parodies the fashion of the fifties and sixties.

A woman born in the sign of Virgo is quite modest and prefers practical underwear. If you are ready for some hot action will choose corsets and compress them as much as you can at the waist and feel sexy and in stockings with garters.

Libra government goddess Venus and women will always choose the more outrageous and sexy lingerie that finding. Pink, yellow and blue are the favorite colors of the sexy characters, but like to wear gold and know the platform, fishnet stockings, garter belts and sheer underwear.

Scorpio are very sexy by nature and like skin, vinyl and plastic. My favorite color is black. Falling on fetish accessories such as dog collars, Japanese equipment for binding and chains, and like tight-high boots.

Women shooters adore corset sensuality and sex appeal that give them long gloves, boots and underwear with a lot of buttons. They love plush fabrics such as velvet. Purple, red and green are their favorite colors.

Capricorn is very sensitive character and considers that cotton is very sensual and sexy. High quality nightgown sexy this sign, even if it’s buttoned up to the neck. Uzbudiće them and garments with a lot of glitter. Many women born under this sign love to wear fishnet stockings and a thong, satin bras and panties in pink, blue or yellow.


This visionary character loves extremely tight underwear and futuristic shiny material. Bright red and dark purple are their favorite colors and feathers, masks, silk ribbons and scarves are the favorite accessories. They’re all quite excited Victorian leather boots, feminine gloves.

Fish are not as vivid and wild sex, but very much like pretty decent cotton nightgown with pink or blue stripes, as well as nightgowns Lycra with floral patterns. They love high heels. Male Pisces will like the woman who wears men’s underwear and oversized men’s shirt to sleep. Excites them and look innocent student, but I can not resist the sexy garters and nylons Complete with a tie or bow tie.