ASTRO LAV: Lava Relationship with other signs of the Zodiac-Leo enjoys domination!

Leo enjoys dominance. This fiery character is strong temperament but does not fit the classic cliché of life “mortal”. He was difficult to follow the path of life, but many of murder surrender. Read how you are functioning with others.


This is one of the rarer the compatibility. Here is dominated by fiery passion, complete harmony and common understanding. Aries may interfere with the Lions flirtatious nature, but that relationship is always exciting … These partners admire and respect each other, but they need to learn how to alternate the role of commander and executive orders.

Already at the first meeting of this compound could spark of passion. However, when two such joints ego in one place, the survival of future existence is highly doubtful. Common is that both signs love to social status, or there is a power struggle. However, Leo is a lion, a bull is, in this case, the hunted.

LAV and twins
Gemini prefer mental stimulation, and Leo outside world is seen as a reflection in the mirror. On the other hand, since it is unique, it does not suffer twin flirtatious nature and expresses intolerance toward outbursts of this kind. However, Gemini has the energy to follow Lviv brisk temperament.

While Cancer tends emotional stability and harmony, Leo expressed the need for unbounded admiration. As a couple are very possessive, because when emotion is born with them, she can go to fatalism. Sometimes some insurmountable differences and the two trends which pull in opposite directions, to the sun and the moon.

This combination certainly attracts attention, but survives only in the event that individual partners have different interests. Only in this way will not feel threatened by the competition. The intense energy of this compound is extremely strong and this couple is capable of “moving wall”. However, the strength out of control does not mean anything.

LAV and Device
The combination of these two characters can hardly survive. In fact, it is difficult to do such a compound of general and coming. Leo tends glamor and stage, while Virgo flees behind the scenes. Each drawing attention to her life working disturbing, Leo, however, does not tolerate shadows even while sleeping.

Leo and Sagittarius are very good partners. Both are social, interesting and like to hang out. It will easily be noticed and attract because it is both a sign of love to show off in society. Problems can arise because of the criticality of indecision and Libra, which Lions gets on my nerves. Scales by their nature are not true to the character, it bothers Leo who likes to be the center of someone’s world.

It is difficult to achieve long-term relationship between these two characters. Yes, passion, certainly, but what next? Unadjusted life attitudes and principles can be serious pressure on this link. Also, there is a power struggle. Leo likes authoritative role, and Scorpio, this kind of “loop” does not match.

We have a bingo combination. Fully compatible. Some things are similar, some different, but it is similar to where it is needed, and different in those characteristics that are not primary. More importantly, it is dominated by passion and problems are solved by these keys.

Leo is not subject to conservation and the goat’s crazy. This is incompatible combination. Ice and Fire, whether of these two elements have to get? Capricorn tends moral and traditional forms of life, while Leo enjoys life to the fullest. Even to the extent that it is incompatible tends to cause mutual disgust.

Pride and stubbornness are related features for this pair, although this relationship can work well, because it will impress Aquarius Aquarius sincere, and will boast this without any exaggeration in his statements. The bigger problem in this relationship represents a constant desire for new Aquarian that Leo will not understand, but will seek a new person who will be the center of the world.

Pisces is a sign of understanding and a good listener corresponding Leo. Lion fish will attract because she likes a bit aggressive partners and likes to cede the initiative to the other. Leo will not have too much sympathy for silent and depressive phases of Ribe, which can be a source of constant trouble and eventually force the lava to leave the relationship.